Ghost Hunting Blog At Leeds Armley Mills, With Simply Ghost Nights, 2nd May 2015

Ghost hunts at Leeds Armley Mills are usually active and the spirits certainly know how to interact with our ghost hunters and this event was not a let down too, with the spirits communicating with our guests for the best part of the night.   With a brief welcome speech and a run through the equipment by Jez as our ghost hunters were whisked away on a surprise tour of the Mills by the team from Armley Mills. After an opening vigil we kicked off the night by separating into smaller groups and attempting to interact with the ghostly residents of Armley Mills.    Rosey, Lesley and Jez spoke of how a number of guests spotted several light anomalies and a few moans were also heard in the cottages and at one point the front door handle was heard been rattled and then footsteps in the corridor with no one there. During a séance the group clearly heard table taps on request and when the group in the room next door asked for the table to move, the one Lesley was sat at on her own in the next room moved. Whistles on request were again clearly heard been repeated back by the spirits of Armley Mills.    Stuart, Gaz and Chris spoke of a table tipping experiment in the cottage also where a group of ghost hunters were gobsmacked to see a table move between them on the concrete floor, with each individual on the table having their hands slightly on the table. The table rocked to and fro between all of the participants.   Kevin, Treena, Sarah and Cassie mentioned a vigil in the cutting room where a group of ghost hunters saw shadows moving around the cutting room floor, with no explanation to the shadows and also some light analomies were also seen as well, coincidentally Gaz, Chris and Stuart spoke of a similar vigil on the machine floor where everyone witnessed strange light analomies and shadows moving around the machinery.   When using the Franks box in the machine room with Chris, Gaz and Stuart all the guests had their names mentioned and Chris was verbally abused and when the group asked what do you think of Stuart the Franks box stopped and the words "in my humble opinion he needs help" were uttered to the groups and laughter and Stuart's dismay.  Lesley, Jez and Rosey recalled a vigil near the Wendy house with the R.E.M pod alarming out repeatedly and then stopping. And bizarrely taps were heard from behind Wendy house again with no reasonable explanation.   Once again we were beaten by the clock and what a night of paranormal activity we had witnessed and documented, the spirits of Armley Mills are always willing to interact with our brave ghost hunters. Simply Ghost Nights return to Armley Mills for a ghost hunting event on the 7th November 2015