Ghost Hunting Blog At St. John's Hall Museum, Warwick, With Simply Ghost Nights, 24th April 2015

This was Simply Ghost Nights first ghost hunt at St. John's Hall in Warwick and for the Simply Ghost Nights team it was one ghost hunting event we could not wait for. St. John's Hall is peppered with so much history and ghostly sightings as well it is a must venue for any location. After a brief but informative chat with our ghost hunters it was time to start our ghost hunting event at St. John's Hall. In the cellars Lesley took a couple of guests into far end of cellar where the REM pod went off continually, on inspection there seemed to be no reason for this to happen and the door kept opening on its own and with no breeze or noticeable wind to cause this, the opening was certainly a thought provoking moment. Several guests tried vigils with two going in to this part of the cellar and the same thing happened every time, every guest got a memorable personal experience in that part of the cellars. And as well as that the table moved in the main part of the cellar on its own virtually continually for the full hour with no ones hands near the table. Also the spirit working with the group took a liking to one of our female guests and he would rock the table with no one near it or touching it when she spoke. In the kitchen with Stuart and Jez a group of ghost hunters experienced table tapping on request and the table moved very slowly between the participants on the table. Also a number of guests saw shadowy figures in the opposite corridor. When using the ouija board a group of ghost hunters made spirit contact with a spirit called Tom. Tom kept the group enthralled as the planchette moved slowly between the letters on the ouija board. Just before a break Rosey and Lesley reported that Polly the dolly our interactive doll kept going off on request. This incident amazed all those who saw the spectacle as Polly very rarely alarms out. In the school room Rosey and Lesley stated that a group had heard a few taps on request in corner of room and that shadows had been seen. One male guest was so frightened he sat with his back to the window because he thought he was going to see a face through it.