Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunt Blog At The Sheffield Fire & Police Museum, 25th July 2015

On the 27th July 2015 simply Ghost Nights returned to The Sheffield Fire & Police Museum for a ghost hunting event at this fantastic building with artefacts and vehicles from over the last 200 years and from around the world on display.   Upon arrival and whilst guests assembled one could not help to be impressed by this very atmospheric museum, one could not help get the feeling you were there with something or someone else.  In the upper storey and along the corridor and into the cells there was a feeling of being watched. Kev, Gaz and Sammy noted a vigil on the Upper storey, this area is reputedly haunted in as much the staff regularly report feeling uneasy up there and in the past Simply Ghost Nights have recorded some brilliant paranormal activity on this floor too.      The group split into 3 with the 1st braving a lone vigil using ear enhancers and EMF meter, later reporting they heard murmurs and whispers. The 2nd decided to use the Ovilus which notably told guests and team to "f#*k off" and the 3rd decided upon glass divination which saw the glass moving responsively in answer to yes / no questions. 2 male spirits came forward and the final one advised there were 7 spirits present.   Stuart, Sarah and Chris described a table tipping session on the middle floor with the table moving slowly to each of ghost hunters on the table, the group were astounded by what they saw and were even more staggered when using the Franks box with a number of guests having their name called out via the Franks box, however Daniel was called the C-word, Stuart was called a C@@k and Chris was also abused by the Franks box as well.  Kev, Gaz and Sam spoke of a vigil in the Police cells where the group called upon an infamous spirit called Caine in the end cell, immediately the K2 meters changed from green through to red and did so when asked by the group, guests reported cold spots in the cell and digital thermometer readings recorded a  5 degree drop in temperature which was immediately detected by several guests and some team as well. Loud taps were also heard in the corridor as well and on investigation no one was in the cell area. Rosey, Lesley and Jez mentioned a vigil  on the top floor where the group  heard a massive bang from under the bed, while attempting a calling out session, and while using the glass the group made spirit contact with a former police officer who had worked at the station in 1908. The name the group got for the police officer was Jardine.   Once again our time at The Sheffield Fire & Police Museum was up, but what a night of activity it had been, with so much recorded paranormal activity recorded our brave ghost hunters had certainly had a ghost hunting treat.