Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Haunted Ryecroft Hall, Manchester, With Simply Ghost Nights, 15th February 2014.

Ryecroft hall is one of Simply Ghost Nights favourite locations and proves very popular with our brave ghost hunters, and once more the spirits of Ryecroft hall would be attempting to communicate with a full a house of ghost hunters. The history of Ryecroft hall is really quite varied from being a family run home, a convalescent home for injured soldiers from the World War One up until its present use as a wedding venue and a selection of conference rooms under the stewardship of Tameside council.  With all this in mind it was time to attempt spirit communication with the ghostly world of Ryecroft hall. We began the event with a group vigil in the ballroom however we didn't get much activity in the ballroom as much to say that a number of ghost hunters saw the dark silhouette of a man moving in one area of the ballroom, we experienced no K2 spiking and only the odd tapping which could have been the floor boards contracting and contrasting, however Stuart Simply Ghost Nights resident medium did pick up on the spirit of a former nurse by the name of Clara, although Stuart said Clara was shy because of such a large group that she may attempt to communicate with a smaller group. As well Stuart also made spirit contact with three spirit gentleman by the names of Arthur, Ed and Bert. We continued the vigil for a short period of time and decided to split up into smaller groups and try to contact the spirit world at Ryecroft Hall. In the downstairs ballroom with Rosey and Danni a group connected with the a spirit we had previously encountered called Maureen who had been a cleaner at Ryecroft Hall, Rosey and Danni both mentioned that during a table tipping experiment the table moved to each participant in turn and when each member of the séance removed their hands from the table the table still tipped and moved to the groups astonishment. During another vigil in the ballroom with Rosey and Dani a group of ghost hunters made contact with the spirit of a man called Bert, could this have been the Bert that Stuart had mentioned earlier in the big group vigil, Veronica went on to say that the table moved as though it was a hovercraft and even when one of the female ghost hunters sat on the table the table was still gliding on the floor as though it was a hovercraft.  Two girls also reported seeing a figure near the area where there some chairs were stacked through the night vision goggles which also was where in the group vigil where the dark shadows were seen and Rosey also made note that in her vigil in the ballroom a figure was seen standing by the stacked up chairs.   In the welcome room with Stuart and Donna a group of ghost hunters heard some really loud tapping on request and also had a good session with the Franks box as most of the group heard there names mentioned to their bewilderment through the Franks box. Both Lesley and Veronica also experienced a good session with Frank's box in the welcome room too. Lesley and Veronica both spoke highly of a vigil in the cellar with guests having their hoods pulled on their coats, and when they moved to several areas of the cellar the same thing happened again, guests mentioned that they had seen shadows of adult size walking around the cellars. Also while table tipping the table tipped backwards and forwards with all the participants having only the back of their hands and nails on the table. Jez and Nigel mentioned that they too had guests claiming to have been touched and having their clothes tugged in the cellars and the upstairs room too. In the big welcome room Jez and Nigel mentioned a good response from the spirit world while using the Franks box where many of the ghost hunters heard their names returned back to them via the Franks box, this also was the same case for both Stuart and Donna and Veronica and Lesley as well. One of the strange things to occur was that when Stuart was taking photos of the cellars the camera would not take any photos inside the communication room; however when he stepped outside the communication the room the camera worked absolutly fine in all other areas of the cellar. However after a brilliant vigil in the cellars and as the ghost hunters were leaving the room Lesley described how a bell situated in the cellars inexplicably rang with no one near it, was this spirits signalling a cheery goodbye to the group. With Jez and Nigel commenting that they had had some excellent tapping and glass work in the downstairs area as well as Rosey and Danni remarked that they indeed had witnessed some great glass work in that area too. Also light analomies were seen by our ghost hunters and with so much activity reported by all our team leaders we all agreed it had been a fantastic night of paranormal activity at Ryecroft hall.