Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Ryecroft Hall, Manchester, Lancashire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 7th December 2013

Simply Ghost Nights ghost hunting events at Ryecroft hall can be really active and this ghost night was no different. We began the night with a group vigil in the meeting room. With many ghost hunters claiming to be touched especially on the legs and the back could this have been the playful hands of the spirit children Stuart Simply Ghost Nights medium had mentioned earlier on the walk around. One ghost hunter squealed with fear as she spoke of how she saw the figure of man walk near the door away from her and then disappear.   After a short break it was time to begin the ghost hunt at Ryecroft hall with its colourful history and varied past of the different kinds of people who had lived and worked there you can never be sure which spirits will come through and communicate.   In a vigil with Lesley and Phil a group of ghost hunters heard taps on a table table on request and the table was moving all over the room for most of the vigil, and it was spinning round in both directions and it also changed direction when asked to.   Stuart spoke of how in a vigil in the main hall the table tipped in all directions on request as the group attempted a table tipping experiment. The group made ghostly contact with a little girl spirit child aged nine via the Ouija board, and in the same room with Lesley's group a little girl aged nine communicated as well could this have been the same spirit child wanting to converse with two groups.   In the cellars Rosey said that three hunters screamed when they felt something breath on them, they all said that no one was near them and that they heard a guttural noise before feeling cold air on them. As well as this Rosey said that the group made contact on the Ouija board with an old soldier who had worked at Ryecroft Hall during WW1. The spirit man claimed to have been called Reggie and that he loved working at the hall, Rosey said Reggie kept the group enthralled with the communication.   When Stuart spoke of his time in the cellars in one of the side rooms at first the vigil had been a quiet one, then as soon as the group asked questions with the K2 meters as divination tools the K2s literally went into overdrive, with spiking on request to yes and no questions. This went on for a good twenty minutes and even Stuart was amazed at the response and the fact the K2s went up to red each time in response to a question.   Rosey also spoke of excellent table tapping on requestt in the ballroom and some good results with the Franks box, where most of the group heard their own names called out via the Franks box.   All team leaders mentioned excellent table tipping, glass work, tapping on request as well shadows been seen with the night vision goggles. Once again the spirits of Ryecroft Hall had not let us down with their power to communicate with our brave ghost hunters.