Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At The Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre

After the festive break the Simply Ghost Nights team and our full house of brave ghost hunters were so excited to be participating in our first paranormal investigation of 2013. The Old Nick is usually one of the most active venues we have been to, however would the spirits of the Old Nick still be in a festive mood and entertain us with their activity, or would it be a case of bah humbug and the spirits not be forthcoming at all in entertaining us all. We begun with a group vigil in the main theatre area with many a ghost hunter claiming to have felt cold breezes around them in this windowless room. Jade, Wendy, Lee and Jane all claimed to have seen the ghostly shadow of a spectral spirit walking around them. Another black shadow was seen by all of the group to the amazement of Lee, Paula, and Marie that it shocked them all so much so that Paula later said that it was the scariest moment of her life. With three K2 meters going off in unison all placed in the circle of our of big group vigil, was the culprit the dark shadow that had been spotted in the theatre attempting to communicate with our ghost hunters via the K2 meters. As we split into our smaller groups to investigate the Old Nick Theatre there was a feeling that it could be a good night. In a vigil with Rosey and Jo a group of ghost hunters saw yet again the dark shadows of a ghostly entity, this spooked regular ghost hunters Lee, Debbie, Glenn, Sandra, Donna and Dean that the ghostly shadow was to be seen clear as bell right in front of them. Also in this vigil Rosey said that one of the Franks box had turned itself on while placed on a separate table and that it was definitely turned off as well. Stuart, Simply Ghost Nights medium had a group of ghost hunters in one of the downstairs rooms we have christened the tea room as Stuart felt this was indeed the tea room for the police officers when it was a fully operational police station. The group had made spirit contact with a young police officer called Arthur, Arthur through via the ouija board claimed to have lived and worked at the station in the 1890's, as the group were quizzing Arthur, Wendy, Lisa, Becca and Helen  all exclaimed that something had touched their legs and feet simultaneously, when this was investigated under the table they discovered that the only thing under the table was a jam jar that had been stored metres away from the table on the floor.  Arthur was asked if he had indeed rolled the jam jar across everyone's feet and the glass moved to 'yes'. Both Phil and Jez reported in a vigil in the cells that they had some brilliant glass work on one of the ouija boards, where they made ghostly contact with a female spirit who had worked in the station whilst been on the earth plane. Jez mentioned that the K2 meters had spiked as well in one of the cells when asked on request. Another phenomena also mentioned was the capture of incarnate voices by our brave ghost hunters in many vigils through the sound enhances.  Rosey spoke at length how three ghost hunters claimed to have heard at the same time the word 'officer' through the sound enhancers that they were using. All in all it was another great night at Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre for Simply Ghost Nights and our brave ghost hunting customers.