Ghost Hunts At Bolling Hall, Bradford, With Simply Ghost Nights 14th February 2015

What new can be said about Bolling Hall standing so majestically in it's own grounds, this building dates to circa 16th century with panelled rooms and beams still in existence even after all these years. Bolling hall has usually been an active place for ghost hunters and we queried would the spirits still communicate with our full house of ghost hunters. The night started with a brief chat about the equipment and how the event would pan out with our guests. We did a brief opening group vigil in the main dining room area where we had a number of spikes on the K2 and a number of guests felt as if they had seen a figure in the room behind some guests stood opposite of them. With a full house ghost hunters we really wanted to split into smaller groups and investigate the haunted world of Bolling Hall.   Rosey spoke about a vigil in the 'Ghost room' where two guests were using a Franks box while attempting to communicate with the spirit world, one of the guests asked 'Do you want a cuppa of tea and biscuits' and at this point the door to the room opened and a voice was heard from the Franks box say 'Tea and Biscuits', to the guests total shock.   Chris, Sarah, and Cassie spoke about a vigil where a group made ghostly communication with a female spirit in the 'Red Bedroom' when using the Ouija board.   Stuart spoke of a vigil in the 'Dining Room' where the table tipped and rocked between each of the guests at the table and in this vigil Mathew a ghost hunter was using a pair of night vision goggles when he came back in the room saying that he had seen a figure of a child on the stairs watching him and then disappear.   Rosey also mentioned that during a vigil in the 'Kitchen' a group of ghost hunters made ghostly contact with the spirit of a former employee at the house, although the spelling was erratic the gentleman spirit answered via the board by using 'Yes' and 'No.   With so much activity recorded it was such a fantastic night for the team and guests a like.