Ghost Hunts & Ghost Hunting At Leeds Armley Mills, 7th November 2015

The building with such historic importance is what used to be called Armley Mills. By 1788 it was known for being the largest woollen mill in the world at that time. After a fire almost completely destroyed the mill in 1805, founder and owner Benjamin Gott ordered it to be rebuilt into the brick and iron edifice we now found ourselves within. . Similar to all mills of the period, working conditions were inhumane and extremely dangerous. Already destitute and facing starving to death in the streets, many entered the mills and never left alive. Countless deaths including those of very young children were incurred through machine accidents and even exhaustion. A building that has been beleaguered with so much tragedy and death, leaves little wonder that its 'dark' history gives rise to so many reports of paranormal phenomena over the years. With this is mind we wondered what stories were to be revealed and what events would unfurl as we all began our investigations into the dead of night.   Our ghost hunting event at Leeds Armley Mills was one of excitement and anticipation with a full house of ghost hunters all eager to begin their ghost hunting experience, after the prelimanary talk and the runthrough of the ghost hunting equipment by Simply Ghost Nights investigator Jez it was time for the event to begin We started with a large group vigil on the main floor which houses a lot of the machines that were actually used and were responsible for many deaths, this vigil was quiet with nothing much happening at all, would the spirits carry on in the same vein and ignore our brave ghost searchers. In a word No, every team leader reported a mass of activity in most vigil areas and due to the data each team leader reported at the end of the night. The Cottages which is always a hive of activity once again didn't fail to let us down when the spirit of Charlie who was believed to be a blacksmith and Elizabeth ? His wife came through and were more than happy to communicate. Charlie was able to lift the table onto two legs but when Elizabeth moved the table, the table moved very differently. We also communicated with a spirit called Margaret . We had lots of tapping in the corner of the room and also over by the window. as well as lots of tapping under the chairs. Two guests said they felt their faces were on fire and when we asked if they died in the fire that virtually destroyed the mill they tapped constantly on the table. Lots of tapping on request . Cold draughts and a significant sigh was heard.  One of the female guests reported that she could hear the door being rattled in its frame and asked if someone was leaning or standing near it, to which the answer was no. This phenomena was also separately observed by Toni and then later Kev. Also heavy footsteps were heard walking across the upper floor to which no one had access to. No one else could have entered the property during the vigil without being seen because the kitchen door was left open and we were locked in! In the Theatre  loud bangs were heard in adjacent room on request and something metallic hitting the floor but upon inspecting the area we could find no explanation for this noise.  We decided to try the Ovilus and were all left gobsmacked when we told to  bugger off. When asked to tell us their name it gave us the name Owen. Another group assembled around the Ouija board and communicated through glass divination in the vigil. Quite quickly the guests that were part of this vigil got a response from a male spirit who could only inform us that he was 19 years of age. This spirit was quite playful but we were informed that four spirits were with us. When asked if one was Jack Nicholas the glass again moved to yes and went onto say he was not with them in the cinema. Then the guests asked if there were any female spirits with us after 2 of them said that they could sense that there was a lone female sitting in the row of chairs that faced the projection screen. Interestingly the glass moved to yes but would not commit to giving a name. On the first floor a group decided t attempt a human pendulum and some found this experiment to be interesting, sometimes a little scary but most interesting. As the human pendulum experiment was being conducted two guests separately reported hearing tapping twice for yes to questions near the machinery. Others reported seeing what they thought to be movement like somebody walking quickly from one corner to the other by the machines. Guests were amazed when they learned that this phenomena is well known and documented for this area of the building. All in all a most interesting investigation was undertaken by all of the guests alongside the team over the brief five hours that we were there. Armley Mills proved the adage that "you can never predict paranormal phenomena" but it certainly was reported in abundance during our visit there.