Ghost Hunts Ryecroft Hall, 6th February 2014, With Simply Ghost Nights

This blog is about when Simply Ghost Nights returned to one of the most active locations that we have visited in Manchester which is Ryecroft Hall on the 6th February 2015. Ryecroft hall never seems to fail our brave ghost hunters when it comes to paranormal activity and this night was no different. The night started with the group vigil in the main hall and with everyone in a circle holding hands Stuart spoke of a spirit child who was running in between the group and many ghost hunters reported been touched as well as a cool breeze circulating the circle which was strange considering their were no noticeable breezes in the warm room. A number of ghost hunters mentioned that they could hear a female humming as well. With the heat of the room getting quite stifling it was time to split into smaller groups and investigate Ryecroft Hall. Stuart and Jez spoke of how a spirit lady called Maureen made spirit contact (and not for the first time) with a group of ghost hunters and she took a liking to William a French ghost hunter, the table tipped in all directions to the groups laughter, and with everyone's finger tips on the table the table moved even more strongly to the dulcet tones of Williams French voice. In another vigil Jez and Stuart reported that in a vigil Martin a brave ghost hunter was verbally sworn at via the Franks box, the foul language was that clear it shocked everyone who heard it. In this same vigil a group ghost hunters made spirit contact with a former soldier via the ouija board, the spirit was called Clive and he answered all the questions thrown at him to the groups amazement. In a vigil with Rosey and Lesley a group of ghost hunters were gobsmacked when the table literally bucked up and down with no one touching it, with torches on and no feasible way for the table to move this incident amazed all the ghost hunters who witnessed it and even days after the event guests who witnessed the table moving were still phoning to say what an amazing sight it had been.   Treena and Cassie mentioned a vigil where a group of ghost hunters experienced some table tapping on request, and also that the K2 spiked as well.   Rosey and Lesley spoke about a vigil with the spirit of Maureen coming through and making an appearance via one of the REM pods, Rosey described that when they tapped a particular tune the REM pod would respond to the identical tune at a different end of the room. Rosey also mentioned that when using the Ouija board the group made spirit contact with a spirit child who could only answer via yes and no to the groups questions.   With the night drawing to a close and the guests and team were totally amazed at what we had witnessed on a paranormal investiagtion at Ryecroft Hall. The spirits had certainly not let us down.