Ghost Hunt Only @ The Consett Old Steelworks Hospital, With Simply Ghost Nights
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The Consett Old Steelworks Hospital

Ghost Hunt Only @ The Consett Old Steelworks Hospital

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This locations is definitely only for the braver investigator. This Old Hospital believed to date back to 1879 was used to treat the iron workers which often tragically ended up in death. Patients were transported via the underground tunnels that still survive today. The building also houses the morgue which is also part of our investigation and the site was also well known locally as a former gallows for convicted criminals.
Staff and guests have witnessed many a sighting of black shadow figures and misty shapes throughout the building and  doors are often heard being slammed and the computer room which used to be the morgue has left many visitors so afraid they refuse to return. Another phenomena often experienced is that of a jolly worker whistling as though he is just going about his work.
Simply Ghost Nights have negotiated a sleepover option as well as a Ghost Hunt only if you are not brave enough to sleep or live nearby.
Where & When

Sat 14 Sep, 21:00 Until 02:00

The Consett Old Steelworks Hospital

Delta North Consett,
Parliament Street, Consett, County Durham,
Durham, The North East, Cumbria And Teeside,
DH8 5DH.