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Armley Mills

Ghost Hunting Event @ Armley Mills, Leeds

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Ghost hunting at Armley Mills is not for the faint hearted with its long reaching dark corridors, and foreboding rooms with machinery in them. Armley mills can install fear and dread just walking around the building let alone attempting to communicate with the tortured souls who still inhabit Leeds Armley Mills.

On a previous investigation in the cottages with Jez a group of ghost hunters experienced table tapping and corner of the eye movement. Two of our guests sat in the entrance way of the house, watching the staircase. Through night vision they saw two young children peer around the top of the bannister and then duck back. They said that when we were calling out from one room for taps etc, they were hearing them in the hall way. At the bottom of the staircase we used the ovilus, and the first word it listed was records. Staff on site advised that the upstairs of that building was now used for offices, and record storage.

In the machinery room with Stuart and Lesley a group attempted a table tipping experiment with a difference, with their hands above the table, with no one near the table with their hands about 2-3 inches above the table the group called out for the spirit world to move the table, after a few minutes of attempting this the table actually moved a couple of inches to the groups roars of approval. The power of the spirit world never ceases to amaze and baffle us when they can do so much to prove their existence to an astounded group of ghost hunters.

This creepy looking old Mill dates back to the sixteenth century; Colonel Thomas Lloyd purchased the building in 1788 and planned to own the world's biggest woolen mill. Then in 1804 the mill was once again sold to a Benjamin Gott. Unfortunately, just one year later the mill was completely destroyed in a huge fire, Benjamin Gott then vowed to rebuild his woolen empire and using fireproof materials to ensure fire did not strike twice. It is this impressive building that still stands today as a testament to the vow Benjamin Gott made, that we will conduct our paranormal investigation into the spirit world.

The mill eventually closed its doors in 1969, and the mill is now a museum, still with the same machinery in place, and even now staff at the museum have heard and seen many things that they cannot explain. 

Do the spirits of the forgotten children still remain at the mill toiling away? Do the pitiful men and women who also worked those dangerous machines? And what about the factory overseers, do they still administer their tough punishment to the workers at the mill? So come on a ghost hunting event to see if we can find the answers.

Where & When

Sat 16 Nov, 21:00 Until 02:00

Armley Mills

Canal Rd,
West Yorkshire,
LS12 2QF.