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Ghost Hunting @ Wasdale Hall Two Ghost Hunts & Sleepover

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This delightful accommodation in Cumbria is an ideal base for outdoor activity breaks and the grounds stretch down to the shores of Wastwater, England's deepest lake. On the other hand why don't you join Simply Ghost Nights for a ghost hunting event at this venue?

Local lore has it that the nearby church early in its history the deceased were transported over the fells to Eskdale to be buried, and this route subsequently became known as the corpse road.

Corpse Rd is said to be haunted by the ghost of a horse carrying the body of woman who was tied to the horse. The woman whose son had recently died was being carried from Wasdale over the corpse road to Eskdale to be buried, however the horse carrying his body suddenly bolted and was lost in the thick swirling mist. His mother died shortly after searching in vain from trying to recover his body from the Corpse Rd. Ironically as she was being taken to be buried in Eskdale her horse was lost in a snow storm and was never seen again. Although the son's body was found a while later, the mothers body was never found and it is said that she still haunts Corpse Rd in search of her sons body.

Another local legend is that of a Crinoline woman Isobel Rawston who is said to haunt Wasdale Hall in search of her young daughter, who is said to have either drowned in the lake while playing in the water or in a boating accident. A ghostly gentleman has been in the cellar area while residents have been playing table tennis, only to disappear as quickly as he arrived to the shock of the two young men playing table tennis.

One guest while in a dorm trying to get to sleep all by himself heard the sound of heavy footsteps walking in the dorm, and the sound of someone sitting on a mattress and whe he eventually looked around the dorm no one was in the dorm and no door had been opened or light had been switched on and on further investigation the next day the warden confirmed that he was the only person in the hostel that night.

One of the former wardens Bob Shaw once described how in certain parts of the building made him feel uneasy and the sound of a woman sobbing is also another reporte phenomena at Wasdale Hall, as well as a child crying too. Most of the haunted occurrences mentioned seem to come from both the left and right hand side of the building and the cellars.

On a chilling note Margaret Hogg the 'Lady in the Lake' victims body was found in 1984, her body was wrapped in a carpet and shortly after the recovery the body was identified by friends. Her husband Peter was the prime suspect and although he initially denied the murder before giving a confession. He was sentenced to four years for manslaughter, obstructing a coroner, and perjury in his divorce proceedings.

As well as hauntings reported on many lanes leading to Wasdale Hall are reputedly haunted too, dare you take the road leading to a ghost hunt at Wasdale hall in Cumbria?


Please Note...
Sleeping at the Hall is Dormitory Style which means you could be sharing a large room with other guests.
You will need to bring your own towel but bedding is supplied in the dormitory style sleeping. If you have any preferences regarding sleeping let us know ie male only or female only or happy to share. There are private shower rooms etc.
Any questions just call us!
You will have to find your own food for the duration of the stay, but there is a fully self contained kitchen if you wish to bring food or there is a nice pub who make nice meals just around the corner.
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Fri 13 Mar, 21:00 Until 02:00

Wasdale Hall

Wasdale, Seascale,
County Durham, The North East, Cumbria,
Durham, The North East, Cumbria And Teeside,
CA20 1ET.