Ghost Hunts @ Cannon Hall With Simply Ghost Nights
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Cannon Hall

Ghost Hunts @ Cannon Hall

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The earliest records show there was a house on the site in 1086, however little is known about it.Cannon Hall got its current name from the 13th century inhabitant Gilbert Canun. During the late 14th Century it was owned by the Bosville family of Ardsley, and it was during this time that the most violent event in its traceable history occurred.

The Bosvilles had let the Hall to a family (whose name has been lost), the daughter of whom was romantically linked with a man named Lockwood. Lockwood himself had been involved in the murder of Sir John Eland, the Sheriff of the County. The tenant, frightened of the position in which he could find himself accommodating a fugitive, sent word to Bosville. Bosville`s men turned up shortly after atCannon where upon Lockwood was slain in a cruel and violent manner, but after this nasty incident. In 1660 the estate was purchased by John Spencer, a Welsh hay-rake maker.

In the late 1700`s - early 1800`s, his heir and nephew heightened the wings, giving the rather high-blocked house typical of its period and area that is seen today. His descendant, Sir Walter Spencer-Stanhope added a ballroom in 1890-1891.The family continued to use it as their family home until the last member of the family, Elizabeth, removed the contents and sold the house to Barnsley Council in 1951. Cannon Hall Museum was then opened to the public in 1957.
The figure of a young maid has been seen by several staff in the Victorian Kitchen, and they often report feelings of being watched when they are alone in the room. Other strange occurrences in the kitchen including a stoneware jar being seen by several people at once to suddenly fly from a shelf and smash on the floor.
The Green Bedroom is reputed to be haunted by a lady, who people believe to have died there in childbirth.

A small boy has been seen by a few people and in one of the corridors a visitor once reported seeing a `hazy presence`. On a previous investigation we recorded the following paranormal activity at Cannon Hall Rosey and Lesley both described a vigil in the library when the K2 was regularly spiking to red.
Rosey and several guests also reported seeing shadows moving by the window and in the corner of the room as well as this there was loads of taps on table and scratching underneath and the table was moving between all the guests in the vigil, however the group all screamed when a toy cat bell Lesley had placed near the table suddenly began to chime as though it had been moved by invisible hands. Alas no one had kicked and everyone heard it. We also experienced table tipping and glass work in a number of the vigil areas that we used.


Where & When

Sat 20 May, 21:00 Until 03:00

Cannon Hall

Bark House Ln,
Cawthorne, Barnsley,
South Yorkshire,
S75 4AT.