Ghost Hunting Haddlesey House, With Simply Ghost Nights

Haddlesey House

The oldest part of the house was built in the 1600's and the 'main house’ was added in the 1700' this was said to be in 1789 but this hasn't been verified. 

For over 300 years it was the village’s Manor house with stables, granary and dove house as well as other out buildings all included in the land until the early 20th century when various parts of land started being sold off. 

It was during this time that a Miss Davison who was the owner of the house lived there and was said to have been fleeced by an Italian musician and painter who bled Miss Davison dry that much that she actually died a pauper. Does the spirit of Miss Davidson still walk the corridors and the rooms distressed at the loss at the hands of an unscrupulous act by the Italian she fell in love with and trusted?

The house also became a hospital in the 2nd World War for soldiers injured in the theatre of war did any of these brave men pass away while convalescing or return in spirit to visit their former quarters  and after the war the house was extensively remodelled going from three stories to two stories and at this time the staircase, ballroom and large fireplace were all added.

Ghostly reports of unaccounted footsteps have been heard and the feeling of been watched is a regular occurrence and on one occasion an internal bathroom door slammed shut and would not open from the bathroom as if been held shut by an unseen force and could only be opened from the adjoining bedroom.

Cold spots have been felt on many instances and in particular one of the bathrooms never ever gets warm even in the Summer months.  


Haddlesey House

Haddlesey House, Old House Gardens,
West Haddlesey, Near Selby,
North Yorkshire,
YO8 8RE.