Ghost Hunt @ Knottingley Town Hall With Simply Ghost Nights

Knottingley Town Hall

Join Simply Ghost Nights as we explore Knottingley Town Hall. With cellars that date back to a monastery this location is now acquiring somewhat of a reputation as being a very haunted building in West Yorkshire to visit on a ghost hunt. Paranormal activity reported.

A young boy believed to have fallen down the rear staircase to his death many years ago.Two ladies casually walking around the building dressed in wartime clothes, also a previous employee and a man in a flat cap are all regular ghostly sightings at Knottingley Town Hall. Orbs, strange noises such as tapping, as well as voices are regular paranormal phenomena encountered here.

On one occasion eyewitnesses noted how whilst carrying out table tipping experiments, the table was seen to literally dance around the dance room at an alarming rate.

And furthermore whistling was caught on a voice recorder it was so loud it was clearly heard during our night time investigation. Although relatively a new location to many ghost hunting companies, Knottingley Town Hall ranks as one of our favourites as a team as we have had so many spooky experiences on our, ghost hunting visits to this fabulous old town hall.


Knottingley Town Hall

Knottingley Town Hall, Hill Top,
Knottingley, West Yorkshire,
West Yorkshire,
WF11 9DG.