Ghost Hunting @ Leeds City Museum, With Simply Ghost Nights

Leeds City Museum

Leeds City Museum is a huge building in the heart of the city it is considered one of the most important historic buildings and was completed in 1862 by Cuthbert Broderick who also built Leeds Town Hall and the Corn Exchange. 
It was originally used for teaching, lectures and for large events. It was also used as a theatre from 1925. It was used for a theatre until 2005 when it became the museum, and it also houses large exhibitions which are spread over many floors.
The museum has been featured on paranormal TV shows and has not disappointed.

There are a lot of ghostly reports in the museum. A worker once saw a man stood in the gallery of the empty old theatre and another has seen a young boy running past the Broderick Hall. There are claims of being watched and followed also footsteps have also been heard and the hand dryers turn themselves on. 

Join Simply Ghost Nights and see if we can discover who's spirits could still be haunting the museum? Join us to find out.



Leeds City Museum

Millennium Square ,
West Yorkshire,
LS2 8BH.