Ghost Hunt @ Nottingham Galleries of Justice, With Simply Ghost Nights

Nottingham Galleries of Justice

Dare you join the Simply Ghost Night team on a ghost hunting event at the Galleries of Justice, this former Court and Gaol is now a museum and dates back to at least 1450. The court itself is a majestic panelled room complete with the judges bench, the galleries above for the watching spectators and the dreaded dock, right next to the staircase that lead the prisoners to their awaiting hell, where torture and a brutal existence awaited these poor souls.

It was said that you could be tried, convicted and hung to death in one day at the galleries of justice. The gaol held all manner of criminals from poor debtors, petty criminals, to murderers, the more heinous the crime the further down the gaol you were held and the more squalid your existence.

On our previous visits to this location, we once heard the sound of chains had been pulled through the shackles that were embedded into a Pr*son cell wall; however there were no chains in the empty cell!! We also experienced such as amazing light analomies in one cell as for one ghost hunter to state that it was just "like Blackpool illuminations".

In the ladies quarters we heard such violent banging on request, when communicating with a ghostly soul who still inhabited there subterranean world.

We were once informed by a security guard at the galleries of justice that on one occasion in the darkest depths of the gaol in the foreboding caves, a cats paw prints were seen to be walking across the caves causing indentations in the caves sandy floor by an invisible phantom feline.

We also experienced the noise of what could only be described as children's footsteps running up and down an empty corridor. Do the spirits of these poor wretched children still play in this building?

Join us at this world renowned most haunted of locations, and investigate which spectral beings still haunt this building, and why they still do so.

Participate in.
•Victorian Séances
•Table Tipping Experiments
•Ouija Boards
•Glass Divination

Use all the latest ghost hunting equipment such as K2 meters, Franks box, motion sensors, sound enhancers, infra red camera's, and much more as we search for ghostly communication from the other side.


Nottingham Galleries of Justice

High Pavement ,
NG1 1HN.