Penrhyn Old Hall Ghost Hunts With Simply Ghost Nights

Penrhyn Old Hall

Penrhyn Old Hall is first mentioned in 1327 and it is said Penrhyn Old Hall is still to this day haunted by many ghostly characters, A Monk is has being spotted walking in the room above the Baronial Hall and along the passage. A young girl who was murdered by her sisters to stop her marrying her lover and out of the Catholic faith. A bad tempered soldier sits in the seating area annoyed that he can no longer fight and hates to be disturbed.



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Ghost Hunting @ Penrhyn Old Hall with Simply Ghost Nights

Penrhyn Old Hall

Ghost Hunting @ Penrhyn Old Hall

On a ghost hunt at Penrhyn Old Hall it is said a Monk is seen walking in the building, ghost hunting events at Penrhyn Old Hall could we meet the young girl that apparently haunts the stairway who it is said was murdered by her family. Intrigued by all of this, with many more ghostly tales this place will be an instant hit.


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Penrhyn Old Hall

Penrhyn Old Hall,
Penrhyn Old Rd, Llandudno ,
LL30 3EE.