Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunt @ Sutton Manor in Hull, Simply Ghost Nights

Sutton Manor

Dare you enter the ghostly world of Sutton Manor in Hull for what will be last time ever chance to investigate this unique and foreboding building. A hidden gem, echoing the faded glory of a bygone era,charming ,untouched with much of its original features including a delft-tiled fireplace dating back to Georgian times with secret panelled doorways.

The history to Sutton Manor began in the 1720's and was originally a windmill and mill house built however a fire in 1789 burned both the windmill and mill house down. Subsequently the current house was built in the 1790's and now boasts seven bedrooms and is one of finest Georgian mansions in the area.

Visitors to Sutton Manor have described feelings of been touched and having their hair pulled as well as the sensation of been followed too. We were also informed that on numerous occasions that an apparition of a child has been seen and guests have mentioned hearing voices and whispers from empty rooms. 


Sutton Manor

375 Saltshouse Rd ,
Hull ,
East Yorkshire & Humberside,
HU8 9HS.