Simply Ghost Nights The Old Majestic Cinema, Nottingham

The Old Majestic Cinema, Nottingham

Join us as we delve into the ghostly goings on at The Old Majestic Cinema in Mapperley Nottingham, 

The cinema opened in 1929 and closed in 1959 then was a furniture store and a golf centre for a while, it was closed and left in 2012 and up until recently remained closed.

With multiple rooms to investigate along with the large auditorium for example, projection room, cellar, attic and various other rooms. This grand old building is also Home to the haunted museum so there is lots of items with spirit attachments and also oddities to investigate.

Recently a mysterious door hidden behind a false wall in one of the upstairs rooms was discovered, it is a rusty metal door, which has been nailed shut, with what appears to be fingernail marks across it. People claim to feel very uneasy when being near the door.

What or who will we encounter when we investigate? We cannot wait to find out.


The Old Majestic Cinema, Nottingham

700-708 Woodborough Rd, ,
NG3 5GJ.