About us

Simply Ghost Nights owners Stuart and Rosey have in the past filmed for the BBC, French and Belgium Television companies and have appeared on SKY One 'Twin Towns' in 2014, and have also appeared on numerous radio shows and have previously offered their knowledge and expertise to the Television and Film Industries.

What do we provide

We provide ghost hunts, ghost hunting events, ghost hunting Sleepovers and ghost hunting suppers for Private Parties, Corporate Events, Hen Nights as well, for a professional and organised overnight ghost hunting events then try a Simply Ghost Night. With a data base of haunted locations across the U.K to choose from, there is Simply only one ghost hunting choice, allow Simply Ghost Nights to organise your perfect ghost night event. 

What can you expect on a ghost hunt?

Your ghost night commences with a brief chat about what you may experience as a ghost hunter on a ghost hunting event and how to use all our ghost hunting equipment whether you are using the spiritual or scientific the equipment, you are free to use any of the ghost hunting equipmentas you attempt to interact with the spirit world. On your ghost hunting night and paranormal investigation we do not waste your time or money talking about ourselves on a ghost hunt or taking you on a tour of the building to pass time. What we do is utilise every minute possible into providing our guests with an amazing most haunted experience, at a most haunted venue or location in the U.K, after all it is simply your ghost night. Come and join Simply Ghost Nights safe in the knowledge that we also have at least one first aider and we have public liability insurance.

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Rosey Dawson from Simply Ghost Nights

Hi I am Rosey and the owner of Simply Ghost Nights and I like Stuart have done over 600 investigations in over 12 years of paranormal investigating. I am addicted and have a passion of the paranormal world which I share with Stuart my husband who is Simply Ghost Nights Medium.

My favourite piece of equipment is my senses and I believe there is nothing better than getting taps on request from walls, tables, doors, etc. when there is nobody in the area. I do also love the ear enhancers too and my favourite locations are Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre and Stanley Palace.


Stuart from Simply Ghost Nights

I begun the long road to plying my gift has a medium firstly in the local spiritualist churches in around Doncaster, Sheffield, and Barnsley, and then in the pubs and clubs and also on a one to one basis. I have the ability to communicate to spirit via clairvoyant (one who sees clearly), Clairsentience (feeling/touching), and Clairaudience (hearing/listening).

I have performed in front of over one hundred people in one theatre show to the delight of the attendees. I also performed numerous readings in Australia to earn the title international medium. I am available for bookings, private readings and also tarot readings too and Charity nights as well.

My favourite locations are Stanley Palace, Ryecroft Hall and Bolling Hall and my favourite piece of equipment has to be the Franks/Spirit Box, with so many occurrences and words heard from it over the years to fascinate and still surprise me.