Ghost Hunt At Chesleigh House, Former Maternity Hospital Gainsborough With Simply Ghost Nights. - 10th Dec 2011

This was Simply Ghost Nights third visit to Chesleigh house who�s history dates back to the 19 th century when it was owned by the Coronet Sir Hickman- Bacon. The house has had a chequered past from being Gainsborough maternity hospital to a naughty boys school in the late 19 th century too. With this in mind we were excited to see which of the many spirits that had passed through its doors would inter act with us whilst on visitation. With a full house and the anticipation high for supernatural contact would we be disappointed in any spirit activity and what variety of ghostly goings-on would we encounter at Chesleigh House. We began with a group vigil in the large room upstairs, as we all held hands and attempted spooky contact with the other side. We began calling out and even now after all the years we have been doing paranormal investigations the banging we heard from inside the walls themselves impressed all of us, the deep banging was more thud like than anything, we ruled out radiator and pipe works, and the floorboards contracting and expanding. Everyone in the room agreed that the noises were indeed from within the walls of this detached 19 th century building. The tapping's literally responded to our calling out which amazed all of us in the room. At the same time of the tappings the K2 also responded by going from green upto red on our request too. Some of the group claimed to have been touched on the head by unseen hands from the world of spirit, also there was sightings of shadow movement in the room adjoining us as well. After our initial success in the group vigil we then turned our attentions to forming smaller groups and commencing our paranormal investigation of Chesleigh House. Luckily for Stuart he began his first vigil in the large room where we had began our group vigil so the energies were high and the spirits well warmed up and converse on how to communicate with the ghost hunters in the room. In the first instance in the room the group called out and unbelievably they heard the noise of springs from a bed, the noise however shifted around the room to the consternation of the group, for one moment it would be heard in one part of the room and in another it would be heard in another section of the room. The group considered if this noise was a representation of the noise the beds would have made when the building was a maternity hospital. The group attempted an ouija board experiment and communicated with a former matron of the hospital who when asked it was her responsible for making noises. The group also attempted table tipping but alas the table would only rock to and fro and turn ever so slightly to the groups bewilderment. Up in the classroom with Rosey who stated that in a table tipping experiment the table violently shook from side to side, and shook  powerfully with no ones hands on the table too, and to the groups amazement the sight of a black shadow move in the room also had our brave ghost hunters perplexed at what was happening. Rosey had the spirit of a former matron of the Victorian boys school who claimed to have smacked the children and locked them in the cupboards of the old school. Whilst using the Franks box in one of the smaller school rooms, Stuart asked the group to introduce themselves to the spirit of a lady in the room who was watching them, and to their amazement they all heard Stuarts name being called out from the Franks box. The group asked questions and listened intently for the answers which duly came, when it was time to have a break the group asked if the spirit wanted them to leave the room, the word 'No' was clearly heard which was a sobering and humbling moment for the ghost hunters. Whilst making their way to a vigil in the main room downstairs with Stuart, three ghost hunters swore they saw the ghostly silhouette of a man walk through a room and then disappear into thin air. This was not the only sighting of a dark mysterious shadow of the night for many a ghost hunter claimed to have seen some dark forms moving in the shadows. Jo mentioned some really exciting K2 work in one of the upstairs rooms in this large building, Jo stated that the K2 spiked on calling out for interference on the K2. Coincidentally Jo reported hearing the same spring bed like noises in the same room Stuarts group had heard them earlier in the event. As the event drew to a close and yet again we were beaten by the clock we considered what we had seen and heard it was undeniably evidence of spirit communication. As we said our bon voyages to our ghost hunters and to the spirits who still return to Chesleigh House on visitation, and we await our return to Chesleigh House on the 21 st January 2012.