Ghost Hunt At Chesleigh House, Gainsborough, With Simply Ghost Nights, 21st Jan 2012

Prior to the event commencing Rosey, Simply Ghost Nights paranormal investigator and, Stuart Simply Ghost Nights resident medium were carrying in some items from the car and into Chesleigh house, when from behind them in the ornate entrance they both clearly heard an incarnate voice say "hello", they both looked behind them to see who it was they had heard, and they saw no one there. The house was empty and no one else was in the hallway so who was that and where were they?. Was this an omen for a great night of paranormal activity, or a sign of a flat night to come? This was Simply Ghost Nights fourth visit to Chesleigh house for a paranormal investigation at this old and historic building that has had a colourful past to say the least. The building in its many years of history had been a house to a Baronet, a naughty boy's home in the early 20 th century, and also Gainsborough's maternity hospital for many decades to follow.   With so much past the many spirits who had passed through the doors of Chesleigh house to work, to have their children, and possibly held there in its borstal days would have been numerous, however who would Simply Ghost Nights and the merry band of ghost hunter's encounter from the spirit world at Chesleigh house.   With a full house waiting in anticipation for the event to start the energies and excitement of the brave ghost hunters was rising. The paranormal investigation begun with a short, but intuitive discussion regarding all manner of the elements of phenomena, paranormal activity, and equipment etc.   On the initial walk around with Simply Ghost Nights psychic medium Stuart, Stuart described how he felt the presence of a female spirit called Agnes watching the group inquisitively, Stuart said that Agnes had worked at Chesleigh House when it was a Maternity hospital he explained how Agnes felt an affinity with the building as she had worked there whilst living and how she would visit Chesleigh house on visitation from the spirit world. Stuart sensed the spirits of two children watching the group, would the children make ghostly contact, and who else would communicate with the brave ghost hunters from the spirit world.   In the pool room with Jo Simply Ghost Nights paranormal investigator a piece of plastic was thrown across the room to the utter bewilderment of the group who claimed the plastic had come from nowhere. Jo also mentioned downstairs in the former ward room a group were communicating with a former matron of Chesleigh house via the ouija board, when they heard loud knocks and then they kept hearing the sound "shush". Paul reportedly saw someone go past the window on the door in an area of the building where no one was. Many groups mentioned excellent results with the K2 meters, with Jez and Andy stating that it was the most impressive display of K2 spiking they had ever seen. The odorous smell of pipe tobacco was also detected by many ghost hunters, and then would vanish again.   One of the most astonishing occurrences of the night was an incident that happened to Lisa, in the main group vigil and the group were calling out for spirit interaction when Lisa stated that some thing had just nipped her neck, Lisa said that on inspection of her neck the very next day she had indeed a scratch on her neck. What had scratched Lisa and for what reason we will never know.   A ghost hunter called Jez who admitted to being a slight sceptic regarding the sprit world at the beginning of the night, had his outlook on the spirit world completley turned around when in the middle of a séance Jez leapt forward in terror and shrieked that his leg had being pulled by the unseen hands of a former resident of Chesleigh House. Although the group chuckled at the time and found Jez to be very funny he genuinely was afraid about what he had experienced.   In a table tipping experiment with Rosey and Jo they described how the table spun and tipped at such an alarming rate that the ghost hunters taking part were so amazed at the power of the spirits. But, what happened next in this room shook even the most ardent ghost hunters, when for no apparent reason a picture on the wall began to move from side to side then fell to the floor for no logical reason, this truly was a paranormal phenomena that had Lisa, Sarah, Lorraine and Chris all stunned nevertheless this was not the only event that would perplex a group of ghost hunters at Chesleigh house.   In the main room that was once a ward Stuart was conducting a séance when the group heard the noticeable sound of heavy footsteps behind them from about five feet away, when they looked around expecting to see someone there the group saw nobody at all from behind them, Graham, Chris, and Nathan all sat staggered at what they had heard but to no answer at what had caused the footsteps.   With Simply Ghost Nights team leaders Jez (not to be confused with our ghost hunter called Jez), and Andy, they reported some excellent glasswork in the pool room of Chesleigh house, the group made a connection with a spirit of a nurse called Agnes and a gentleman spirit by the name of Bob who had worked there in it's time as a hospital.   Although we wished we had longer to investigate this amazing old hospital we had to give in and call it a night, but will be returning to Chesleigh house again in the future.