Ghost Hunt At Dewsbury Town Hall, Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights - 3rd Mar 2012

Dare You Read About The Ghost Hunt At Dewsbury Town Hall, With Simply Ghost Nights. First we must thank Ian, Barry, and Peter the staff at Dewsbury in helping that the event ran so smoothly through the course of the night. The Simply Ghost Nights team were so excited to have the privilege to host the first ever permitted ghost hunt at this landmark building in the centre of Dewsbury. Once all the brave ghost hunters had arrived and Stuart, Simply Ghost Nights resident medium had demonstrated to the group how to use the equipment they would be using on the paranormal investigation. It was time to begin the paranormal investigation into the ghostly residents who still come to visit Dewsbury Town Hall from the other side. In a vigil in the cells with Rosey Simply Ghost Nights co owner they had the most amazing tapping and banging on request, to the delight of Julie, Clair, and Katy. It was while holding an ouija board experiment in the cells that Rosey�s group communicated with a former worker of the town hall called Malcolm. In the Council Chambers with Stuart a group of ghost hunters experienced table tipping where the table literally tipped onto two legs with their finger tips ever so slightly placed on the table. This absolutely amazed Michelle, Jenny, and Claire to the sheer power of the ghostly inhabitants of the hall. In the theatre with Jo they heard the most distinguishable banging on request, they would tap two times and hear two taps back, they would tap four times and hear four taps back. Again with the tapping that both Rosey�s and Jo�s group heard on request only goes to demonstrate the intelligence of the spirit world. In the cells with Stuart and Mark, Cam, Tracey, Lisa,  and David were all stunned when the glass started to move in an ouija board experiment, they made spirit contact with a former police officer of the station who answered �yes� and �no� to their inquisitive questions. Jez and Andy also mentioned some excellent table and glass work in the meeting rooms as well, and as well as communication via the ouija boards, table tipping and the K2 metres which light up when in contact with the electrical energies of a nearby spirit. Rosey mentioned that while a ghost hunter Lisa literally through the sound enhancers she was using because, she picked up an incarnate voice say �no, no, no�. All in all it was a really active night that had all the ghost hunters and team alike buzzing, and as we left the building we thanked the spirit world for their participation in making the night the success it was.