Ghost Hunt At Mill Street Barracks, St Helens 23rd October 2021

Ghost Hunt At Mill Street Barracks, St Helens 23rd October 2021

In the Main Hall (Welcome Meeting Area), there were reports of glass work and table tapping, the doll alarmed out as if a spirit were interacting with it. There were dark shadows witnessed by team and guests on the top floor, moving around as if observing what was going on in their building. A spirit who identified himself as "Barry" made contact with the group.

There was a lot of activity in the Cellar, shadows appeared on the walls all around. There were reports of table tapping and one guest claimed the top of her head was being touched. There were growls and movement heard which frightened one group of guests so much that they screamed. We also had some good Spirit Box work in this area where guests names were repeated back to them.

On the top floor there were some amazing responses from the Spirit Box where guests heard their names repeated back to them, in particular a guest called “Sammy,”

There was some amazing table work, everyone chanted “move the table” to increase the energy flow, this worked and the table moved around the room so much that it had the guests running around after it. This area also had some Spirit Box wok where a guest called “Fraser” had his name repeated.

All in all this as always proved to be an amazing location for activity.