Ghost Hunt At Temple Works With Simply Ghost Nights & Chris Conway - 24th Mar 2012

At Temple works Simply Ghost Nights were joined by none other than our great friend and Most Haunted's former medium Chris Conway, for the first ever paranormal investigation at Temple works. Our hosts for the night were Steve and Lily and were most helpful. Also we must recognise the help of our fantastic team who continue to be as professional as ever regardless of where we are, and the circumstances of our events. As we arrived at Temple works we were quite excited about being the first ever company to be allowed to hold a paranormal investigation at this former mill, which at one time used to be the offices of Kay�s catalogue, so from a paranormal investigation point of view the amount of people who would have worked in the building, whether it was in the mills or when it was the offices of Kay�s catalogues would have been a plenty. So with this in mind it was really exciting to think which spirits would come through and communicate with us on a Simply Ghost Night. On the initial walk around the building Chris picked up on the spirit of a child in one of the downstairs rooms, Chris said that the child was no older than twelve and would have worked in the building in the milling section. Chris stated that he felt that the building was not totally full of happy spirits but he expected that we may encounter some unsavoury characters in the building. After our tour of the building it was time to break up into smaller groups to participate in the first ever paranormal investigation of this former mill that was just a myriad of rooms on three levels. In a vigil in the what we called level two, Stuart was holding a vigil; with a group of brave ghost hunters when they made spirit contact with a female spirit called Jane who claimed to have worked in the building when it was part of Kay�s upto 1989, through yes and no on the ouija the group ascertained that Jane had died in 2005 and she was a frequent ghostly visitor to her former place of work. Stuart�s group then attempted to continue communication with Jane through a new piece of equipment called the Springulator, (the Springulator is a large spring attached to a base with a pendulum crystal on the top to perform spirit contact with the spirit world), and the Springulator proved a success with the ghost hunters who used it throughout the event. In a vigil in what we termed the pub area (basement), Jo and Steve, Simply Ghost Nights paranormal investigators made ghostly contact with a spirit boy who was called Arnold, they asked him to tap out how old he was on the table and they clearly heard tapping eight times repeated back to them, Jo claimed they also then got the little spirit boy Arnold�s mother through by the name of Heather. Steve reported some fantastic tapping and knocks on request in this area. What surprised Rosey, Chris, Andy, and Jez and a group of brave ghost hunters was while on the top floor in a section of the building where there was no visible sight of a breeze, was the sudden movement of some ribbons dangling down from the ceiling for no apparent reason. The whole group stared in disbelief as no breeze was noticeable and the ribbons had started to sway as Mark, Jez and Andy asked the spirits in the room to move the ribbon to each ghost hunter in turn to their utter amazement. The ribbons moved in an arch when requested to the whole group�s consternation. There was also numerous reports of incarnate voices being heard through the sound enhancers and Rebecca claimed to have heard a mans voice from an empty room, Steve also confirmed that he and Jo also heard the voices of men talking in an empty room too. In the middle floor with Stuart and Mark a group of ghost hunters made ethereal contact with a child who unfortunately could not spell their name correctly but however entertained the group of Leon, Sam, Mandy and Joy with an impressive display of table tipping. Andy and Jez also stated that they witnessed some fantastic table tipping in what we called the bar area as well. All in all it was a quite active night with the ghostly residents of Temple Mills certainly making their presence known to us.         Simply Ghost Nights | Doncaster, South Yorkshire Opening Hours                 Monday - Friday  9am - 6pm                 Saturday - Sunday  11am - 5pm call   0843 289 1215 email Web Design Doncaster