Ghost Hunt At The Lawns, Lincoln, With Simply Ghost Nights & Chris Conway

The team was so excited to be returning to The Lawns, Lincoln's former lunatic asylum for the third time. Our previous visits had warranted some noticeable activity, such as table tipping, ouija boards and much, much more. What entertainment would the former residents of the building provide for our eager ghost hunters? We were met by the ever helpful Daryl who supplied our ghost hunters with an inexhaustible supply of hot and cold drinks, to compliment the delightful eight piece buffet supplied by Simply Ghost Nights. We begun the night with a tour of the building with our very good friend Chris Conway who took us on a mediumistic walk around the building, to see which spirits Chris could pick up on and communicate with during the course of the night. On the walk around in the room we deemed the main area, Chris made spirit contact with a former female patient of the asylum, and Chris described how he could see the woman pacing up and down and becoming disconcerted with the group following Chris around the room. In what we felt was the managers room, Chris made contact with a male spirit by the name of McCarthy, Chris said he felt that McCarthy was originally from Ireland and Chris commented how McCarthy was watching the female ghost hunters and he would certainly have had an eye for the ladies as well. After the walk around we begun with a group vigil in the large theatre room, as we all sat down around in a circle calling out for ghostly communication, this was one of the most active group vigils we had ever experienced. Many ghost hunters claimed to have seen ghostly faces near to them, the sound of ethereal footsteps was also heard by numerous ghost hunters as well, tapping on request was also heard by the group was also heard. Chris, Jo Molly, David and Amanda all said they heard a moaning noise too in the group vigil. With this in mind we broke into smaller group to attempt spirit communication In the bar room with Rosey and Chris a group of ghost hunters attempted a table tipping experiment and to the surprise of Steve, Wendy, Emma and Linda the table began to rock to and fro before the groups amazement the table proceeded to tip onto two legs to the groups total shock. In this vigil the K2 spiked on command at numerous times in he vigil as well. In a vigil in the lower staircase with Philip the group encountered one of the most bizarre incidents of the night, the group were stood in darkness calling out when they heard a light switch being flicked, and suddenly a light was turned on to the groups horror and no one was near the light switch at all. This of the former ghostly residents of The Lawns had made its presence known to this group of ghost hunters. Chris had mentioned the name McCarthy in the initial walk around and we wondered if McCarthy would make an appearance in a vigil, we wouldn't have to wait long to find out. In a vigil with Jo they were in the managers room conducting a seance when on calling out the glass begun to move and when asked if this was McCarthy the glass went to yes. McCarthy took a liking to a brave ghost hunter Claire and would only tap in accordance when Claire asked; if Claire tapped twice the group would hear two taps. Also Michelle kept hearing the word yes through the enhancers to specific questions asked by the group. All in all it was a very memorable event and one we should not forget quickly, the event could be summed up by Philip who exclaimed at the end 'I love it'.