Ghost Hunt @ Marshall Mills, Leeds 28th October 2021

Marshall Mills is a location that we do once a year, this location is steeped in history and has a lot of ghostly activity. This event allows guests to come on a FREE ghost hunt organised by Marshall Mills and is hosted by ourselves to give guests a tour. This event is aimed to be family friendly and is appropriate for older children to attend. Guests get to experience a snippet of what to expect on a ghost hunt, have an opportunity to use some of our equipment as well as have a go at communicating with the spirits of Marshall Mills themselves.

In the Outside Area, there was some communication through the K2 Meter, when working to identify who the spirit could be, we were able to narrow it down to a gentleman named Mr Newton. History shows that in that particular area, there was a boiler explosion which killed a number of people, one of which was an Engineman called Mr. Newton. The K2 would respond to our questions by lighting up to the orange light to Yes and No questions.

In the Foyer Area, a group did some investigating with the Spirit Box, guests names were repeated “Sarah” and “Jay” were mentioned and when asked if the spirit could describe Jay, the spirit seemed to say “F*****” this made all the guests laugh and he did look tired.

The Second Floor had a lot of activity, there seemed to be the presence of a young boy in this area who answered to the name “Jack.” There has been previous sightings by visitors and staff of Marshall Mills of a young boy, however nobody knows his name. This young spirit, was able to communicate with us via the K2 Meter by lighting it up to Orange and holding it there for sometime in response to our questions. As we had some child visitors with the tour, it was amazing to witness that this spirit in particular seemed to respond more freely to the child interactions. In this area we also experienced a ball flashing on demand and some knocks and taps on the table in response to our questions.

On the Top Floor of the building, there was a lot of activity. There were many taps and bangs heard, in response to question, whilst using the table to encourage spirit to communicate. Shadows were witnessed in this area, laughing and singing was heard and the unmistaken sound of footsteps approaching the guests down the hall were heard. Historically this area has seen tragedy as a Maid fell to her death down the lift shaft, this has since been sealed, however to door remains for all to view.