Ghost Hunt @ Ordsall hall, 7th November 2014

Wow what a night our groups had at this centuries old building. In the Great Hall guests encountered a spirit by the name of Peter on the Ouija board, Peter claimed to have been a regular to Ordsall Hall when it was a public house, our guests wheedled this out of Peter via yes and no to the guests questions.

In the Star chamber a guest using night vision claimed to watch a small figure of woman walking across the room ever so briefly and this was followed by the smell of lavender in the room.

Also in the star chamber another group of investigators spoke of K2 fluctuations and also the MEL meter alarming out too. Temperature drops were also noted in this vigil as well with no known possible cause of the temperature drops.

The kitchen provided more paranormal activity in form of a ghostly resident who went by the name of Francis and Francis spoke of his time working at the Hall under the Radclyffe family by means of yes and no via the spirit board. 

Through more questions and answers our guests garnered that Francis had indeed been married to Jane who herself worked at the hall in the kitchens. Francis had enjoyed working there and had five children however two had died very young.