Ghost Hunt @ The Liverpool Orphanage 1st December 2017

In the main building in the nurses area guests reported seeing movement in the form of a man walking by the door way and then disappearing with no one else in the area could our guests seen the ghostly shadow of a former resident of the asylum.

In another vigil in the nurses area during a séance using the Ouija board Guests made spirit contact with a male spirit called Ronald who claimed to have been a Porter at the hospital.

The old kitchen area surprised all our guests with some amazing spirit box interaction both Rob and Julie had their names mentioned via the spirit box and Steven was called a prat too.

In the main hall guests experienced table and glass work while interacting with a former nurse called Janet who explained she loved her job but felt sorry for the patients when it was the asylum.

The interactive bears produced fascinating results with them alarming out on request in the nurses area for a group of guests who were getting spikes on the K2’s in that area too.