Ghost Hunt @ The Liverpool Orphanage, 4th July 2015

Ghost Hunt @ The Liverpool Orphanage, 4th July 2015

The kitchens produced some amazing results with three guests all stating they heard incarnate voices from behind where no one was stood and Jackie then claimed to having her hair pulled too. Jodie mentioned at this time to feeling exceptionally scared as if someone was stroking her hair and her cheek. 

The group then proceeded to use a Ouija board where a gentleman spirit came through by the name Clive and he confirmed it was indeed him who had been stroking both Jodie's and Jackie's hair to get their attention on this revelation both girls saw the funny side of how the spirit world can interact with you.

The boys corridor also produced some paranormal activity with the dolls going off on request to questions and one guest stating to have heard their name spoken when using the sound enhances when by themselves on this floor.

The main hall guests heard heavy ghostly rappings on the table while doing a séance and the table moved slowly for a while too, to the utter amazement of the group.