Ghost Hunting and Ghost Hunt at HMS Trincomalee, Hartlepool 20th November 2015

Our first ever visit to this historic ship was on a stormy wet night but this did not stop us! The team were so privileged when they realised the age and beauty of this old warship. And the staff were so accommodating trying to help assure us as the ship creaked and groaned whilst swaying in the dock.
In the Middle deck with Lesley and Rosey`s group we had a table rocking backwards and forwards. Tapping on request. Cold draughts. Noises were heard from different areas throughout this level.
Suddenly a fixed cupboard door flew open on its own which shocked even the staff. Sound of things being dragged across the floor. Then we all heard a very loud crashing sound as if something heavy had fallen, we would discover later a picture which had been in the same place for over 30 years up on the next deck crashed to the floor without reason. This picture had withstood much worse weather in the past.
Probably the most astonishing thing in this area was the sound of drums heard by everyone in the group and the staff and then what sounded like a large group of people running. So loud and so clear we all thought it was another group that had been spooked and was running down the stairs. In fact two girls were so scared they screamed and nearly leapt over the table.
In the weapon hold Jez and Stuart and a group of ghost hunters heard an almighhy crash on the that floor, on inspection with the team from HMS Trincomalee, a board was found to have fallen down, the board depicting the ship itself had never ever fallen down before was this the hand of the spirit world making their presence known. 
When we went to investigate what had happened there was no one there. Then Jo one of the team went on to explain when it was a war ship you would hear the drums first as a sign it was all hands to battle which would result in sailors running to their stations. How incredible to have witnessed such activity!
In the gunpowder room a couple of groups reported the sound of something very big and loud crashing onto the deck above them, but whenever we went to check, there was no explanation for these loud noises.
Sadly the storm took a turn for the worse that would cut our night to a very abrupt end when it became so dangerous we had to abandon ship 15 minutes early. Thankfully the guests didn't seem to disappointed as they too had go a little worried about how much more this old ship could take.