Simply Ghost Nights at Hulls Victorian Funeral Parlour

Ghost Hunting and Ghost Hunt at The Old Funeral Parlour In Hull, June 19th 2015

For many of us our ghost hunt at The Old Funeral Parlour In Hull produced some of the most mind blowing, unforgettable and compelling evidence of the existence of ghosts and an unseen world that we have ever witnessed to date. We were fortunate enough to be one of the first ghost hunting companies to be permitted a public paranormal investigation at this location and even though this was our second visit we felt extremely privileged and excited to be exploring a place which is well-known as one absolutely rife with paranormal activity.

Many of our regular and loyal ghost hunters had jumped at the chance to attend and once again we had quickly sold out of available places.

As we commenced our ghost hunt with some welcome and recognised faces we can only presume that our excitement and eagerness to make contact with any unseen presences was equally matched by what we could only deduce was their enthusiasm to communicate with us.
In a vigil with Rosey and Sarah in the chapel of rest a group of ladies were communicating with spirit when they all as a group heard very distinctive and loud whispering coming from the corner of the room. They asked if this was spirit voices and through the glass on the table were told yes.
Even though it was an extremely warm night the group then reported a sudden drop in temperature around the table.
Lesley and Jez were holding a vigil near the Cold Room which was used for storing bodies when one of the guests requested to go explore this room, The guest then went a step further and laid on the slab! Not for long though as they decided the feeling was all too intense, as though someone wanted them out of there.
In the stables there were reports of excellent K2 spikes in fact at one point in a vigil the spirits were manipulating 3 separate K2 meters at once all of which were meters apart. We also had the Geophone going off on request on a solid concrete floor. A geophone is a device which lights up if spirit can cause a vibration near it which is why we only use them on concrete bases. 
Stuart spoke of a vigil in the upstairs where a group of newbies to ghost hunting were taking part in a table tipping experiment and were amazed when the table moved and rocked ever so gently to each of them on request. And while using the Ouija board the group made spirit contact with a female called jenny who had lived at the building in the 19th century. jenny had been married and had six children while she was on the earth plane. 
In another vigil we sat quietly in order to familiarise ourselves with the normal noises in the upstairs room when we heard a voice come from the far end of the room. Upon a very quick inspection it was immediately ruled out to be anyone of the living kind as there was nobody else anywhere near the vigil area.
People reported being touched and the table at which the group was sitting around moved and shuddered causing them to feel somewhat uneasy. We joined hands on the table which jumped and moved powerfully at an alarming rate. We were so astounded by the sheer strength of the table movement that someone suggested we ask it to move without any of us touching it at all. Despite our best efforts on this occasion the spirits would not oblige.
Other areas of the Old Funeral Parlour also did not disappoint with the sounds of footsteps walking on a stone floor, loud bangs and knocks on request and powerful table / glass movement. People reported the feelings of someone following them as they walked down the stairs and throughout the stables. Shadows were also a common report from each vigil on the night.

On the whole our investigation at The Old Funeral Parlour In Hull was utterly incredible and treated most of us to some of the most tremendous and outstanding corroboration for the belief in an afterlife. We can provide no other explanation for the events that we witnessed which gives support to the view that spiritual beings with an intelligence and capacity to communicate exist in a world beyond this one. We just cannot wait to return to see if the spirits of this spooky location will again be waiting to make contact with us. Will they have more to say or will they just keep us in the dark next time? Why not come along to find out?