Ghost Hunting and Ghost Hunt at Wentworth Woodhouse, Rotherham, 12th December 2015

We were once again greeted by the ever helpful andy from Wentworth Woodhouse, the spirits of this Stately home had never let us down before in the way of activity, would the spirits be as willing to communicate as on previous events we would soon find out.

In the library with Stuart and Jez a group of ghost hunters were using the Franks box while communicating with a the spirit of a former worker, when a number of swear words were heared clearly aimed at our guests, some of the language used was very much industrial to say the least.

Rosey mentioned a vigil in the amazing ballroom where a number of guests were taking part in a ouija board session, Rosey described how the group made contact with the spirit of a female called Lucy. Lucy said that she had worked at the house in the 50's and that she had loved been at the house.

Lesley described a vigil in the columned area where the group spoke to a spirit called Agnes who had worked at the house, Agnes said via the Ouija that she had worked in service at Wentworth Woodhosue and she had been married to Jeremy.

In the Chapel many teams spoke of table tipping in the room, in fact Jez described a vigil where the table vibrated and slightly moved between the guests seated at the table before tipping onto two legs.

Rosey also mentioned a successful table tipping session in the Chapel as well, once again the spirits did not let themselves down with the table moving on two legs with all participants taotally shocked by what they were witnessing.

With many groups experiencing K2 spikes on demand and the REM pods inexplicably alarming out as well the spirits entertained our guests in so many ways with all of the equipment.