Ghost Hunting and Ghost Hunts At Doncaster Air Museum, South Yorkshire With Simply Ghost Nights, 13th April 2013

As we arrived at the Doncaster Air Museum we were greeted by the ever friendly Alan the guardian of the museum, as Stuart, Rosey, and Treena laid out the buffet for the night's event we all spoke of our excitement at once again returning to the Doncaster Air museum. As our full house of ghost hunters arrived and were treated to a tour of the museum and all its buildings by Alan it was then time for the paranormal investigation to begin. We begun with a group vigil in hangar 21 as the group all held hands in a circle asking for the spirits of Doncaster Air Museum to communicate with them a group of ghost hunters Emma, Louise, Annette and Chris all heard tapping from within the main corridor so Julie a brave ghost hunter asked if she could go into the corridor to see what the noises were, so armed with a K2 meter and wearing a pair of sound enhances Julie was escorted down to the far reaches of hangar 21. As the main group called out for spirit communication Julie came back and said that she had heard tapping on request at the far end of the hangar. Carol also said that she seen a strange light move across the room and disappear, with many of our brave ghost hunters experiencing personal experiences such as been touched or having their hair gently tugged as we all held hands in the circle, we felt it was time to investigate the paranormal world of the Doncaster Air Museum. As Julie told the story of how she stood all alone at the far end of hangar 21, she called out for spirit activity when suddenly she heard a bang which occurred very close to her. Julie explained further that she also felt a ghostly cold breeze come around her and she heard another tap from close by, after this little episode Julie walked back to the main group vigil and spoken at depth at what she had heard and felt whilst being alone. In a vigil with Stuart and Phil in the main hangar a group of ghost hunters experienced the strength of the spirit world in a table tipping experiment, this was witnessed by Mandy, Phil. Derek and Steve, as each sitter at the table called out for the table to move or tip towards each one of them in turn to each to their excitement and laughter. In hanger 19 Rosey and Jo spoke of how a mysterious breeze circled the group, on investigation the trace of the breeze could not be traced, as each member of the vigil mentioned that the breeze was could be felt under the table as well. Rosey also spoke of how Carole saw a bright light from the adjoining room move quickly from right to left then disappear. Rosey and Jo also mentioned the knocking on requests they heard from under the table with everyone holding hands in the group. Jez and Treena reported amazing glass and table work in both hangar 21 and in the main hangar as well, Jez and Treena also reported that several members of a vigil claimed to have heard the ghostly humming of a female from within the room. Jez and Treena also mentioned that when using the Franks box the names of most of the group were heard coming from this fantastic piece of equipment. To be honest we had so much paranormal activity collectively that it cannot all be entered into the blog, but one thing is for sure that the whole team cannot wait for our return on the 6th July 2013.