Ghost Hunting At Alton Towers With Simply Ghost Nights & Chris Conway, 9th June 2012

This was Simply Ghost Nights first night time visit to Alton Towers, the event took place in the house of the grounds to a backdrop of amazing scenery and daredevil rides. However our concerns for the night was would we be taken on a terrifying paranormal roller coaster by the spirits of Alton Towers, or would we experience thrill and excitement of 'hook a duck'. When we walked around Alton Towers it's difficult not to be fascinated by the actual size and grandness of the building. With its beautiful ornate decor and huge rooms that we were so excited to investigate for first time. We were joined at Alton Towers by our good friend and TV's Chris Conway, with Chris's professionalism and boyish sense of humour we always in for a great night. Also we must mention our hosts for the night the staff at Alton Towers who supplied us with a constant supply of refreshments throughout the event. We began the night with a psychic walk around with Chris communicating with the ghostly residents of Alton Towers. Chris picked up on a spirit of a troubled woman on the top floor, Chris described her he felt that she was shouting in his face, and walking away from him and then returning and shouting once more in his face again.   Also in the chapel room described the spirit of a gentleman walking around the room, Chris felt this man had connections has a monk. After a short refreshment interval it was time for the paranormal investigation to begin. In a vigil with Jez and Claire Simply Ghost Nights paranormal investigators they witnessed some excellent table work and as the table got going on to two legs to the giggles and laughter of Hannah, Martin, Michael and Lynne. Jez and Claire described  when a question was asked via the ouija board, the answer given from the spirit world via the ouija board was frighteningly heard through the sound enhancers, this meant to the shock of the group that the answers were replied both on the table and heard through the sound enhancers simultaneously. Jez and Claire spoke of how three people around the table also heard an incarnate cackle at the same time that Martin heard the exact same cackle on the sound enhancers he was wearing. Both Martin and Hannah both declared that it was the best ever vigil they had being on in all their ghost hunting years. In a vigil with Simply Ghost Nights medium Stuart and paranormal investigator Jo in one of the downstairs rooms, a group of guests were conducting an ouija conversation with a soldier from the first world war who Stuart said the spirit soldier had been at Alton Towers, to recuperate from injuries sustained in the war, this was confirmed via the ouija board. Also in a vigil with Stuart and Jo while attempting spirit communication via the Franks box, it seems that they uncovered evidence that the spirit plane and the earth plane can harbour the same thoughts. While Jo was calling out for the spirit world to communicate via the Franks box, the group heard the words shut up, Jo shocked by this asked gingerly, do you want me to shut up and be quiet? They then heard immediately from the Franks Box yes. Jo then did as was told and duly sat quiet for five minutes. In a vigil in the hall with Rosey and Chris they were entertained by the spirit of Charles who took an instant dislike to Chris. This was evident in a table tipping experiment when the table literally went to towards a windowless window and it was as though Charles wanted to throw Chris out of the building. In a vigil with Pam, Su, Wendy, and Maura with Chris and Rosey were stunned when they were calling out when a spirit lady Chris was communicating with, who on this occasion actually liked Chris. Chris felt that the spirit lady wanted to dance with him but unfortunately Chris did not want to pursue the spirit lady's wishes and decided to sit next to Rosey, and call out. It was moments later when Rosey shrieked that she had being hit on the leg by a stone, thrown by the unseen hands of the underworld was this retribution for Chris spurning the advances of  the spirit lady. All in all it was an amazing night full of activity at Alton Towers, and Simply Ghost Nights will definitely return to next year.