Ghost Hunting At Armley Mills, Leeds, Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights

On arriving at Armley Mills we were greeted by Nina, Pam and team who were very obliging in setting up the refreshment area for our ghost hunting guests to use, when having the buffet and light refreshments supplied by Simply Ghost Nights. As our guests arrived the anticipation grew as everyone was so excited to be participating in a paranormal investigation at Armley Mills, with it's murky past of child labour, long working hours, hard working conditions for women and men alike, what else would we uncover in the course of night in our ghostly investigation of these old historic mills. With Nina taking the group for an informative but brief historic chat regarding the Mills, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed, it was time to begin the investigation with a group vigil in the grand directors room. As the group sat calling out Stuart mentioned that he considered that the group were indeed being watched by a male spirit from a window, Stuart described the man as being dressed in smart, well to do clothes of the time. The gentleman had receding thin hair and quite a large bulbous nose too, Stuart felt that the man would communicate with the group but deemed the group would have to work at coaxing him to communicate back in return. In the main vigil the K2 spiked on numerous occasions and on request too, to the astonishment of Graeme who had never witnessed this phenomena before, Craig shrieked that he had seen a dark shadow move at the far end of the room across the white board. Carol who was wearing a pair of hear enhances proclaimed to have heard a deep guttural voice from where no one was sitting. This actually freaked Carol out to the extent that she took the sound enhances off immediately, and refused to wear them again. In a vigil with Rosey and Jo near the machinery Patricia a brave ghost hunter began to feel sick and dizzy as soon as we walked in and felt like she couldn't breathe, at the same time Clair said her back felt like it was on fire. The group bravely started calling out to see if the spirit had been hurt in a fire, to which point the group heard a tap on one of the machines. Bizarrely all the group had their hands on the table when Jo felt someone go in her pocket, then she exclaimed loudly that her torch had started to turn in her pocket with everyone's  hands on the table. The group also kept hearing groans and ghostly moaning this included the groups sceptic by the name of Susan. In the cottages with Stuart the group made ghostly contact with a female spirit by the name Rosey via the ouija board, when the group asked Rosey if she had worked at the mill the answer was yes, the group continued to ask more questions regarding Rosey's life at the mill. Through yes and no on the ouija board the group gathered that Rosey had being married and had also four children, two of which had died in infancy. Rosey informed the group that she had died in her 30's and she was at Armley Mills through visitation. The group found a bond with Rosey as they knew her life would have being one of hardship and toil. In the theatre with Rosey and Jo they made a spiritual connection   with a thirteen year old boy who said via the ouija board that he had worked in the mill from the age four with his two sisters and both his parents, the year was 1847, the spirit boy couldn't spell so for the group to get much information was proving difficult. Also in this vigil the group experienced some really good tapping on the table, to the group's great pleasure. Overall it was a really fascinating and intriguing event at Leeds Armley Mills, yet again the sound enhances picked up incarnate voices, all three groups of team leaders mentioned some amazing table tipping and K2 work, and the Franks box yet again proved a success with questions being asked and answers being heard through the Franks box, that correlated to the question previously asked. Once again on our travels we have encountered the most amazing groups of ghost hunters to join us, the staff at Armley Mills were so helpful and also a huge thank you to our professional team of paranormal investigators as well, and not forgetting the ghostly residents of the mill who still want to communicate with us to this day.