Ghost Hunting At Bishop`s House, Sheffield, With Simply Ghost Nights - 18th Feb 2012

Before the event commenced we must firstly thank Sue, Sylvia and Nick for all their assistance in helping the night run smoothly and professionally. The oldest parts of Bishops' House were built in the 1500s. It's one of the oldest timber-framed buildings in Sheffield, typical of a large farmhouse or small manor house from that time. In 1910 Armitage, a local historian was one of the first people to refer to the house as Bishops' House in print. He acknowledged that there was no evidence for the direct connection with the Blythe bishops. However the Blythe's who owned the house may have been from another branch of the family. With this history known about the building and the actual age of Bishop�s house we were full of trepidation just thinking what we might encounter and which former ghostly residents would come out to play with our ghost hunters. In the main group vigil we called out and listened intently for spirit interaction of any kind, however we persisted in calling out for 15-20 minutes but to no avail, we heard nothing that we could have claimed to be paranormal activity. As we broke up onto smaller groups it was time to begin our endeavour for spirit communication. In a small vigil in the front downstairs room both Stuart, Simply Ghost Nights medium and Edward both watched in amazement as they saw a perfectly round circle of light move along a door, only feet away from them, then disappear to their shock. They investigated to see a torch could have made this light and they could find no reasonable answer to the light phenomena they saw. About five minutes later this same light was noticed by Edward, Lisa and Stuart again, however while they were commentating on the light phenomena, Matt, Dawn, Lisa, and Chris were staring in disbelief as the large ouija board begun to turn in front of their eyes as well. It was a though one part of the group were watching the light move, whilst the other half of the group were entertained as the ouija board moved by itself. In a vigil with Rosey and Jo a group of ghost investigators listened absorbingly as they could hear tapping from under the table, Jo said that they could actually feel it under their hands to the surprise of Liz, Tracey, Liz, Helen and Julie. In this vigil they also experienced some fantastic K2 spiking on request. In a vigil with Andrew in what used to be the bakery, Andrew mentioned as some of the group claimed to have smelled fresh bread, Paul an experienced Simply Ghost Nights ghost hunter exclaimed the smell was as real as we were stood in that room. Andrew also mentioned that in the same room they encountered some excellent table tipping to the delight of Sue, Nicola, Lisa, Martin, Hannah and Paul. In a vigil in the old bakery with Stuart and Mark the table tipped in a table tipping experiment to the sheer exultation of Tracey, Liz, Joan, Julie, and Donna the table momentarily tipped onto one leg and turned ever so slightly to the squeals of delight of the group. One other unexplained mystery came to light when one of our ghost hunters Paul explained an incident that occurred to him. �I had a weird moment when I was upstairs on my own taking photos randomly. I set up a shot of a room when the green square face detection icon came on and there was no one stood there. I took the same picture four times and it never happened again� Paul exclaimed in disbelief to all of us. What had set off Paul�s face detection icon we will never know, however what we do know is that we all had an amazing time at Bishop�s House.