Ghost Hunting At Bolling Hall, Bradford, With Simply Ghost Nights, 6th October 2012

Once again we have to thank the staff at Bolling Hall who were absolutely fantastic in ensuring the event was so professionally ran. We began the night with a health and safety chat from David from Bolling hall. We begun the night with a quick tour of the building and a group vigil for our packed house of eager ghost hunters, we had been to Bolling Hall on numerous occasions and the spirits had never let us down  on the paranormal activity we had witnessed or heard on our previous visits to the this majestic building. In the group vigil our group of ghost hunters were calling out for spirit activity, although we did hear some tapping near a window we could not put this down to the work of the paranormal world as we could not ascertain whether it was not just the floorboards expanding and contracting. After the slight disappointment of the group vigil it was time to break up into smaller groups and attempt to contact the former residents of Bolling Hall. In a vigil in the 'ghost bedroom' with Simply Ghost Nights resident medium Stuart, a group of inquisitive ghost hunters were eagerly calling out in the darkened wood panelled room for ghostly activity, the group were using the laser pen and watching for a shadow of a ghost resident to walk through the beam of light. However as the group were calling out a bright light as though someone had taken a photo and the flash had gone off this bizarre light was emitted from within where the group were stood, this had Stuart, Les, Donna, Anthony, and Dean really excited has no one could ascertain the origins of the flash of light they had all witnessed. In a vigil with Jo in the kitchen the heard lots of taps and footsteps, one brave ghost hunter Victoria felt a hand on her shoulder. The group also had some Ouija movement on the ouija board as and Nicola was hearing groaning coming through the ear enhances. In one of the little side rooms the group heard what sounded like an old music box playing. In the kitchen with Rosey the spirit of Margaret came through on the ouija board, she was a 19 year old kitchen maid and she really liked Gareth as he reminded her of a past love. Rosey said that the group heard a bell ring ever so slightly to the excitement of Les, Dean, Gareth and Donna. In the cellars with Stuart a group of ghost hunters were calling out for spirit activity by asking the spirits to copy their tapping on the table, the group would knock twice and two taps would be heard back from the table, this continued for a while, each time the exact same number of taps was repeated back to the group. In this vigil three torches simultaneously began to fade at the same time, as though the spirits in the cellar were draining the life out of the batteries to use for their communication purposes. Rosey mentioned in the blue bedroom that the table literally danced along the corridor and tipped to the enthrallment of the group, Rosey also stated that the table moved with everyone's finger tips slightly touching the table.    All in all it was a really active night and one that we all thoroughly enjoyed and cannot wait for the return next year on the 2 nd February 2013.