Ghost Hunting At Clitheroe Castle, Gt Manchester, With Simply Ghost Nights

As we approached Clitheroe castle through the narrow streets up towards the castle itself, with shops either side of the road, it was hard to imagine what life would have been like through the centuries within the castles boundaries and with Pendle hill with its past of witches and their trials in the background, what would we discover in 2012 at Clitheroe Castle. We were greeted by Andrew and June the custodians of Clitheroe Castle, who were on hand to ensure the event ran professionally and smoothly. We began with a brief guided tour of the Castle Keep lodge and the building that used to be the stables. Andrews chat was informative and enjoyable regarding the Castles history, after a brief tea and coffee break it was time for our brave ghost hunters to attempt spirit communication with the ghostly inhabitants of Clitheroe Castle and surrounding buildings. With the weather been clement we decided to begin with a group vigil in the castle ruins themselves, as we all held hands in a large circle calling out for spirit activity the K2 metres on the floor started to spike in unison, as the group asked for the lights on the K2 metres to go up even further to the red zone on the K2s, the spirits duly obliged with the K2 spikes proceeding to go to the red light to the excitement of the group. As we broke off into smaller groups to investigate the paranormal world of Clitheroe Castle, with the energies so high what activity would we encounter, it wouldn't take long for the ghostly going ons to commence. In a vigil with paranormal investigator Jez in the kitchen area, Jez remarked that the group heard lots of tapping on request, especially on the picture of the Georgian picture on the wall. Via the ouija board the group picked up the name Jemima who claimed to be a a nine year old girl, and when asked if she was responsible for the tapping the glass went to yes. Jez then requested that the spirit child show herself in the room, Lee a ghost hunter suddenly exclaimed that he had just seen a shadow of head poke around the corner of a door, while wearing a pair of night vision goggles. Rosey and Jo spoke of a vigil in the Castle museum where the group communicated via the ouija board where the group made spirit contact with a five year old boy called Joe Robinson, who stated that he had lived at the castle. In another staggering example of ghostly activity the group of ghost hunters heard loud tapping on the table, Rosey then tapped on the table repeatedly and through the hear enhances Sam heard the words "too many", to her amazement. As the event drew to an end we all agreed that the spirits had certainly kept us all entertained by the activity they had shown our brave ghost hunters.