Ghost Hunting At Cusworth Hall Doncaster, South Yorkshire With Simply Ghost Nights

We entered the lovely surroundings of Cusworth Hall with high expectations for our Christmas event after our mind blowing previous ghost hunt at the atmospheric house at Halloween, when the whole team witnessed the most paranormal activity EVER. We must start once again by thanking the Staff of Cusworth Hall, Paul  and Phil for helping to ensure our guests were looked after and made to feel very welcome. At the beginning of our event and after our welcome talk hosted by Chris Conway we took a tour of the building, followed by some refreshments before we decided to start things off with a combined large group vigil in the roomy but eerie basement. Chris Conway and Rosey carried out a human pendulum which was quite successful when we were joined by the spirit of a lady. After this opening vigil we decided to make the most of the night and split into small groups and attempt spirit communication of Cusworth Hall. In a vigil with Stuart in the Billiards room the group was in contact with a spirit named Norman. The spirit was very happy to communicate with everyone in the room but would not reply or answer to Stuart, Simply Ghost Nights resident medium. The group asked Norman "Do you not like Stuart?" and Norman proceeded to claim he did not like him through an ouija board experiment. What was very strange was unbeknown to the group when we visited the Billiards room at Halloween we also made contact with Norman, Norman took a shine to Rosey (Stuart's wife) and when Stuart entered the room the table would push him towards the door. Had Norman remembered Stuart? As Rosey and Chris Conway approached the vigil Stuart was telling them about what had been happening and as soon as Rosey spoke the table went with such speed and force towards her that we realised this was indeed Norman and he had indeed remembered her too. The results from our small group vigils and séances thankfully were as dramatic and powerful as our previous visit. The groups experienced a number of strange occurrences such as extreme table tipping in almost every single vigil, K2 Spikes, Glass work, tapping on the table upon every request, strange lights being witnessed on request, more unexplained noises of movement which appeared to have no source. Our brave ghost hunters also witnessed cold spots and dark shadows in various parts of the hall. Experienced investigators  Treena and Jez also spoke of how in one of the many rooms on the 1 st floor they witnessed some amazing table tipping, and while communicating via the spirit board they made ghostly contact with a former female worker at the hall, who was called Florence. Experienced investigator Mark and Phil claimed that whilst in the downstairs school room they heard mysterious footsteps and strange banging from within the empty corridor adjoining. On the whole it was a fantastic night of paranormal activity with all team leaders saying that they witnessed activity from table tipping to some superb results via the Franks box. Overall we had another fantastic night at stunning Cusworth Hall and not withstanding the more subtle happenings that awaited us we were blessed with lots of enthralling incidents that we were at a loss to explain. For our team whom ghost hunting is a weekly task our event again proved that one of the most fascinating things about paranormal investigation is its unpredictability and just how impossible it is to foretell what will happen on the night. The team still discuss the Halloween and the Christmas event as being some of the most amazing investigations of all time thanks to the goings on of Cusworth Hall.