Ghost Hunting At Cusworth Hall, Doncaster, Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 7th April 2012

Once again we must first thank Phil and Craig the two highly helpful members of staff, who are both a credit to Doncaster council, no request is too much, and they kindly facilitated our wishes without any bother, Phil and Craig certainly made the event run as professionally as it did. After a short psychic walk around the building with Stuart, Simply Ghost Nights resident medium. Stuart described in the hearse room the spirit of a lady watching inquisitively from the corridor, as Stuart mentioned it, a ghost hunter spoke of how she had seen a white light move in the corridor and disappear into an adjoining room. Stuart spoke of  how a spirit child was running around the group in the kitchen area, Stuart considered that the child was about 10 or 12 years old and by the way the child was dressed he felt that she would have worked in domestic service. With this in mind it was time for a short break and then the paranormal investigation would begin. In the main group vigil area John a ghost hunter claimed to have heard a tap behind after Rosey, Simply Ghost Nights investigator asked for the ghostly inhabitants to copy her and tap. Many ghost hunters felt they could see dark shadow movement from within the room as well. With all this activity at the beginning of an event we looked forward to the remainder of the event as we broke off into smaller groups for the remainder of the paranormal investigation.  One of the most overwhelming examples of the power of the spirit world was exhibited in a vigil in the hearse room with Stuart, after an ouija board experiment in the hearse room where the group made spirit contact with a female spirit by the name of Sarah. However this paled into insignificance while during a table tipping experiment, Stuart asked the group to hold their hands about an inch or two above the table, and the group then asked Sarah to move the table with no one making contact with the table itself, to the groups surprise the table began to rock to and fro after some minutes of calling out. This feat of ghostly power was indeed recorded too and placed on the Simply Ghost Nights you tube channel, for everyone to see. In a vigil with investigator Jo who was in the class room when calling out for taps from  the ethereal world, when asked if it was children tapping Jo said that they heard one tap for yes, when the group asked how many ghost children were in the room they  heard nine clear taps. Bernie and Karen did a vigil in the back room and Bernie heard a breath through the sound enhancers, the group all moved into the back room and did the human pendulum where Mr. Trainer came through, he chose Diane and she became quite overwhelmed and had to be taken out of the room by Mark, he then chose Karen as the human pendulum and was moving her back and forth. Jo and Rosey had the sound enhancers on and both heard the same breaths that Bernie had indeed heard in fact it was so loud everyone heard it Rosey later said. In a vigil in the hearse room with Rosey and Jo, the spirits of Cusworth Hall just went to show our ghost hunters that activity is not on tap, and that you have to communicate with love and laughter, they after a slow start on the ouija board the group made ghostly contact with a Mr. Wrightson, during a yes and no session with Mr. Wrightson the group ascertained that he used to like a drink of whiskey, asked if could move the table in a table tipping experiment if the group sang would he move the table, the group began to sing drinking songs and Mr. Wrightson duly oblige by moving the table to the delight of the group. In a vigil with Jez a brave ghost hunter Clair threw the hear enhancers down after hearing the sound of incarnate voices through them, the hear enhancers have certainly come into their own with the faintest noise they can pick up. While conducting an Ouija experiment in the kitchen area with Stuart, Stuart felt the presence of the female energy watching them and walking amongst the group, this was confirmed when the group asked for tapping and they heard tapping back. The female spirit confirmed via ouija that she had worked in the kitchen in the 1870�s and had worked in the domestic service, she claimed to be thirty four  years of age when she passed, and when asked she acknowledged yes to the question of whether she loved being in Cusworth hall. The group managed to get the initial B for her name but Stuart felt she may have had poor reading skills and the group were happy to call her B. With the event coming to a close we had, had an array of spirit phenomena from the voices picked up by the hear enhancers, table tipping, ouija board and some interesting results with the Springulator. As our merry bunch of ghost hunters went home we thanked them and the spirit residents of Cusworth hall for being excellent hosts and not forgetting Phil and Craig too.