Ghost Hunting At Dewsbury Town Hall, With Simply Ghost Nights & Chris Conway 8th September 2012

We were once again joined by celebrity television medium Chris Conway at Dewsbury town hall. Firstly we must thank Paul from Dewsbury town hall who helped the Simply Ghost Nights team ensure the event ran professionally. Firstly we begun the paranormal investigation with a psychic walkabout with Chris, on the walkabout Chris picked up on the spirit of a gentleman by the name of George in one of boardrooms. In the court area Chris made psychic contact with a female spirit who Chris felt had worked in the court area of the building. The night with a group vigil in what we deemed the main room, in this vigil quite a few ghost hunters claimed to feel as though they were been touched on the arms, and Jane said it was as if someone had grabbed her arm. We also experienced some fantastic K2 spiking in this vigil as well, at one point the spiking seemed to be on request. At this point we then split up into smaller groups to continue the paranormal investigation and go in search of the other side at Dewsbury Town Hall. One of the strangest occurrences of the night was when two brave ghost hunters were in the former cell area of Dewsbury Town Hall, both were calling out for spirit activity, when one of the male ghost hunters screamed that he had seen a figure directly opposite him, while his co investigator was at the other end of the room. Everyone in the group went to see why he had screamed and it took him a few minutes to explain to the remainder of the group what in fact he had actually seen. In a vigil in the lower area of the hall with Stuart and Jo, a group of ghost hunters were attempting ouija board communication with a former police officer from Dewsbury Town Hall by the name of Reg, the glass responded to the group's questions which impressed Christopher, Heather, Jamie and Lauren. The group found out that Reg had died of natural causes at the age of 70. In a separate vigil with Lesley, Jamie and Stuart in one of the side rooms in the dressing room area, they experienced some amazing K2 spiking on request, and what amazed them even more was when whispered amongst each other, the K2 would spike up as if the spirits were saying "hey, we are here you know". In a vigil in the main dance hall a group attempted table tipping with some fantastic results, the literally tipped in every direction to the astonishment of Ben, Tracey, Paul Louise and Sarah. Also in this vigil some of the ghost hunters claimed to have heard growling through the sound enhancers, was the growling the incarnate voices from the spirit world. Yet again the spirit world had not let us down with it's attempt at communicating with us, with dark apparitions, ouija board contact, table tipping and K2 spiking on request, as well as the ghostly incarnate voices heard through the sound enhances it was another memorable night for the brave ghost hunters and Simply Ghost Nights team who ventured into the ghostly world of Dewsbury Town Hall. We will be returning to Dewsbury Town Hall in 2013.