Ghost Hunting At Doncaster Aerodrome Museum, With Simply Ghost Nights & Chris Conway, 7th July 2012.

We cannot begin our blog without a massive thank you to Alan at the Doncaster Air Museum; Alan once again proved to be the perfect host by supplying our brave guests with hot and cold beverages and is an absolute credit to the museum. We were once again joined by our good friend and television ghost hunting medium Chris Conway, this was Simply Ghost Nights fifth visit to Doncaster Air Museum and we had witnessed so much paranormal activity in the past, would we encounter an active event or a quiet night, we would soon find out.  The night begun with a mediumistic walk around with Chris, in the main hangar Chris picked up on the spirit of a Welsh pilot by the name of Evans, we later found out that a pilot by the name of Evans had actually died in one of the aircraft; this information totally staggered the all group. Chris also picked up the spectral spirit of a female who Chris spoke of would have worked at the Air Base, in the kitchen area where she was helping in the war effort. As the psychic tour finished it was time to break up into smaller groups and take part in a paranormal investigation of Doncaster Air Museum. The most amazing incident of the night was in a vigil with Jez, when in the engine room of the main hangar with a group of brave ghost hunters with Rosey and Chris in close attendance too. The group had made contact with a spirit by the name Walter through the ouija board; Walter informed the group that he had repaired the planes and engines. Jez mentioned that they asked for Walter to tap on some of the engines, almost instantly they heard tapping from a distant engine where no one was, the tapping actually imitated the actual tapping that the group did. But this episode paled into insignificance what the group then witnessed this next incident had hardened paranormal investigator and television medium Chris Conway squealing in delight at what happened next. Jez decided to do a wolf whistle and asked Walter to copy, only moments later the whole group heard an incarnate wolf whistle return from within an empty part of the engine room. Jez whistled once more and once again an identical whistle was heard from within the engine room again, to the utter amazement of all those that heard those ghostly whistles. In a vigil in hangar 19 with Stuart and Jo a group of ghost hunters made contact with two mechanics, one was called Bill and the other was called Cyril. Stuart, Simply Ghost Nights medium felt Bill was a lower rank to Cyril, and Stuart also said that Cyril would intimidate Bill and that Bill was also scared of Cyril, this was confirmed via the ouija board. Coincidentally some time later in the vigil Chris and Rosey entered hangar 19, and unbeknown to him Chris said that he felt the presence of two male spirits in the room, and  one of them was a bully, this statement from Chris tied in with everything Stuart had said 20 minutes previously to the excitement of the group. As our exciting return to Doncaster Air Museum came to an end everyone was flying high with the array of paranormal activity we had witnessed and heard, once again we must thank Alan for helping in ensuring the event ran so smoothly.