Ghost Hunting At Doncaster Air Museum, Yorkhire With Simply Ghost Nights, 15th September 2012

We were greeted by the ever helpful Alan at the museum, Alan is always a huge help in making the events run so smoothly. As all our excited ghost hunters arrived everyone was full of anticipation whether the ghostly inhabitants of the air museum would communicate with our full house of brave ghost hunters. The night begun with a psychic walk around with Simply Ghost Nights resident medium Stuart, Stuart picked up on a mediumistic level on a number of spirits at the museum. One ethereal character Stuart made contact with was a spirit called George, Stuart claimed that George had a northern accent and it was a Geordie accent. Stuart also said he could smell the alcohol from George, bizarrely enough two brave ghost hunters Julie and Joanne claimed to have smelled alcohol at the same time as Stuart mentioned it. After a quick break it was down to the serious part of the night the paranormal investigation, in the group vigil Stuart said that he felt that George was close and wanted the group to sing Cockney songs to him, the group obligingly sang 'Roll out the barrel', at about the same time as the singing a number of ghost hunters claimed to have seen a dark shadowy figure in the adjoining corridor moving around and then disappear to the amazement of the ghost hunters who witnessed it. In the group vigil footsteps were also heard in the empty corridor and the K2 meters also spiked on numerous occasions. A group Rosey and Jo with Matt, Sue, Eddie, Lee and Debbie in hangar 19 the group made spirit contact with George through the ouija board, although George admitted to liking a tipple he made little or no sense via the glass, the group ascertained that George did not want to communicate just show off and entertain the group. In hangar 21 with Stuart and Phil a group of brave ghost hunters were taking part in an old Victorian séance and listening intently for any knocking or tapping on request, however Lucy and Adam both claimed to have heard heavy breathing and growling through the sound enhances, when everyone in the room turned their attention quickly to the sound of footsteps approaching towards them in the room, however when the group looked up their was no one walking towards them and no one else in the room where the footsteps had come from. Lucy a customer felt that a spirit in the room was called Lewis, she also though that Lewis was watching the group and was responsible for the footsteps the group had all heard clearly. In the Main hangar with Simply Ghost Nights Rosey and Jo, Lesley, Jamie, Trish and James were calling out for spirit activity when they too heard loud footsteps approaching and when they went to investigate they found no reason for these heavy footsteps. Rosey mentioned that the group made spirit contact with a female spirit called Elizabeth with the ouija board, who claimed to have been married to a R.A.F personnel, Rosey and Jo also stated that the group attempted a table tipping experiment where the table tipped and tilted to the excitement of the group who were there. A group of ghost hunters were using the Franks box with Jez and Treena, when Matt a fluent German speaking ghost hunter, attempted to communicate with the spirits via the Franks box in German. Matt spoke a few words in German and to the groups shock they all heard German words been spoken back to them via the Franks box. With numerous ghost hunters claiming to have heard incarnate voices through the sound enhances, K2 spiking and temperature dips in many of the vigils all in all it was a very active night, and we will be returning to Doncaster Air Museum in 2013.