Ghost Hunting At Doncaster Air Museum, Yorkshire With Simply Ghost Nights

Yet again we have to say a huge thank you to both Alan and Billy from the Doncaster Air Museum for all their assistance in ensuring that the event ran smoothly and professionally. The Doncaster Air Museum is definitely one of the Simply Ghost Nights team favourite venues for spirit activity, the team have witnessed full bodied apparitions, disembodied arms waving to them, and a variety of other activity, would this visit reach those dizzy heights of our previous visits to the Doncaster Air Museum. In a nutshell 'yes', our latest visit surpassed all of our expectations on what we were expecting. In the opening group vigil Martin a first time ghost hunter witnessed to his amazement a figure of a man outside hangar 21 peering through a window and then disappear in front of his bewildered eyes, and Clair, Beth, James all declared that they had heard footsteps from the empty corridor too, this opening gambit of the night definitely got the groups ghost hunting juices flowing, and in earnest we then split up into smaller groups in our quest for spirit communication with bated breath. In the Main hangar Rosey and a group of brave ghost hunters were conducting a séance when they suddenly heard the sound of stones been thrown in their direction in the eerie hangar, and on further investigation of which direction the stones were coming from Stephen, Daz and Karen were even more staggered when a stone literally rolled in front of them which frightened Jacky to the core. In hangar 19 all groups commented on how active the room was, in one vigil the heavy main door flew open to the astonishment of Olwyn, Susan, Claire and Wynn who witnessed it, with a still night and no breeze around this incident showed the strength that the spirit world could display to our ghost hunters. In an ouija board experiment in hangar 19 one group were entertained by the spectral resident of Doncaster Air Museum called Frank, who claimed to have come from Newcastle originally and had served in Doncaster during the second world war. Frank informed the group via the ouija board that he had been a radio operator in the war. During an attempt at spirit communication using the Franks box, a group of ghost hunters looked in disbelief as they in turn called their names out and asked the spirits to copy, and to their amazement they duly obliged, when Jez called out his name, the group heard 'Jez' almost immediately, Daz called his name out the identical response happened again his name was heard from the Franks box. This had the group enthralled so much so that when Stuarts name was called out too it absolutely left the all stunned. In hangar 21 there was reports of table tipping from some of the vigils and in a ouija board experiment the spirit of a former cleaner called Alice at the Air Museum made her presence known to the group, and informed the group that when she was alive on the earth plane she absolutely loved her job, and at about the same time the group all could smell lavender and a smell similar to cleaning products. When asked if this was Alice making her presence known with the flowery aroma the glass moved to 'yes' to the astonishment of those witnessed it. Another group of ghost hunters were taken a back in hangar 21 when asking out for spirit communication by way of the K2 meter when the green light would spike upto red on request, this event carried on for some time as far as to astound the group altogether, This was accompanied by very strong table tipping which amazed the group as the table is a very large heavy round table which we tried to move ourselves and found it to be too heavy. As our ghost hunting time was coming to an end, our brave ghost hunters concluded that indeed the spectral occupants of the Doncaster Air Museum had yet again provided all of us with so much ghostly activity. The team cannot wait for our return to the Doncaster Air Museum in 2012. Many of our guests on the night commented they did not even know the air museum existed but after the nights activity they would indeed book a return visit at this hidden gem. As we said our goodbyes and also said a big thank you to Alan, Billy and the spirit world for their assistance in providing another successful Simply Ghost Night. Finally we cannot thank Mel and Simon enough for their help and support in running the event and also a special mention must be made to Steven and Jo, Simply Ghost Nights newest team members who both showed professionalism and consideration to our ghost hunters during the course of the event and also assisted in the smooth running of the night.