Ghost Hunting At Drakelow Tunnels, Kidderminster, With Simply Ghost Nights - 26th Nov 2011

Firstly we must thank Susannah, Steve and their lovely team in helping us on this extraordinary venue for a ghost hunt. Photo courtesy of Chris Wilkins. This was Simply Ghost Nights first but certainly not last visit to these fantastic tunnels, originally the tunnels were constructed to house the machinery to build parts for the war effort in the Second World War, and then they were used by the M.O.D in the cold war era. With this knowledge we could not wait to explore the labyrinth of approximately 5 miles of tunnels and ante rooms in the pitch dark as there was no electricity, with our torches at the ready and new batteries ready in earnest it was time for the Simply Ghost Nights team and our fellow ghost hunters to enter the ghostly realm at Drakelow tunnels. The amount of varying activity witnessed by our brave ghost hunters provided a wide spectrum of results that were carefully noted down by the Simply Ghost Nights team, In a vigil with Stuart and Dee a group of ghost hunters experienced some fantastic table tipping where the table went up on one leg and then spun in a circle to the utter shock of, Carla, Vicky, Faye, Hayley and Nicola. Also in this vigil the group were all holding hands just above the table asking for the spirits of the Drakelow Tunnels to move the table when the table slid along the concrete floor with no one touching it, this incident would be repeated by other groups too. In a vigil off tunnel 2 Paul, Laura, Robert, and Alison also experienced an exhibition of table tipping form the spirit world and also made contact with the ghostly residents of Drakelow tunnels on the ouija board, they entered in communication with the spirits of Bob, Brian, and Evvie. All three spirits claimed to have worked in the tunnels in the 1940s which fascinated the group. Also in another vigil area in the bowels of the tunnels Stuart, Becky, Sophie and Tony were holding hands around a K2 meter, as the group were calling out for spirit communication when inexplicably a sudden white bright light manifested itself in the room from nowhere to the shock of the four brave ghost hunters. There was no other light source around and all their torches were off, these light phenomena certainly had everyone puzzled. As mentioned previously regarding tables moving by themselves Rosey, Jo and Steve stated that in a vigil, a group of ghost hunters witnessed a table literally leap in front of their eyes with no one near the table to the shock of the whole group. In another vigil in the lost world of the tunnels a fearless group of ghost hunters made contact with a spectral tenant of the tunnels who went by the initials of C.B. C.B delighted the group when he answered their questions regarding his working life at the tunnels via the ouija board. In a vigil in the kitchen area with our experienced team leader Mark and Philip, the atmosphere of the tunnels got too much for one of our ghost hunters who suddenly fainted, but after a five minute break she carried on regardless again with the paranormal investigation. We also had reports of ghostly faces appearing in front of our ghost hunters and then vanishing to their horror and also some groups recorded incidents of items being thrown and heard in vacant rooms nearby. All in all it was an amazing night for all of us who participated in a ghost hunt at Drakelow tunnels, and the Simply Ghost Nights team thanked all our brave ghost hunters who joined us and the spirits for their efforts in communicating with us.