Ghost Hunting At Drakelow Tunnels, Kidderminster, with Simply Ghost Nights & Chris Conway, 4th August 2012

Simply Ghost Nights would like to start this blog off by saying thank you to Susanne, Steve and their lovely team in helping us on this extraordinary venue for a ghost hunt. And all Photos courtesy of Chris Wilkins. Before the event started Chris and Stuart were having a brief walk around to get accustomed to the areas and both heard at the same time loud footsteps following them. To their utter shock they realised no one was anywhere near them, not even in the same tunnel at the time they heard the footsteps! With our brave guests waiting in anticipation, Most Haunted`s former medium Chris Conway started off the evening with a brief introduction and some advice on how to get the most out of the night. We as always  kick started the event with a group vigil which was held in one of the tunnels, and from the minute we started people were reporting hearing things, being touched and feeling cold blasts of air. Normally this would be put down to a draughty window or door but considering we are 160ft below ground this could not be explained! Chris went on to tell us we were joined by the spirit of George who had a fascination with one of the team leaders Rosey, so he suggested she go 40ft away alone. Rosey was very uncomfortable with this so suggested one of the guests went along with her. They managed to stay put for approx. 10 minutes before retreating to the group after hearing footsteps and loud breathing around them.  Another brave guest decided he would do the same, so off he went alone and managed to stay for 10 minutes after hearing the very same noises. This was actually repeated by 4 people in the end and all came back with the same experience. The groups finally split into smaller groups and in the Old Kitchen Rosey and Chris decided to hold a vigil using nothing more than their senses. They tried calling out for taps and bangs, all of which was heard clearly being repeated. They reported that all the guests were feeling very uneasy and when Chris suggested Paul one of our brave guests go standalone he firmly refused as he was feeling so uneasy. The whole group were astounded to hear very loud footsteps approaching the kitchen area but upon checking they found nobody was even in the area. In another group Jo and Stuart were holding a vigil which were lucky enough to  experience some fantastic table tipping where the table went up on one leg and then spun in a circle to the utter delight of Dean, Donna, Denise, Vernon, Paul, Sam and Will. In one of the last vigils of the night, Chris and Rosey were in the old TV recording studios in the tunnels and were told by the group they had not one but 2 sceptics in the group. It was decided one of the sceptics would try a lone vigil in the adjoining room whilst the group were having their vigil. During this time we had whistling being repeated back to us and one lady was sure her foot was being touched repeatedly. After 20 minutes into his lone vigil our sceptic came running back to us claiming he had felt a finger run all the way up his back!  He was rather freaked at what had just happened to the delight of the other guests that he had finally had some evidence. All in all it was an amazing night for all of us who participated in a ghost hunt at Drakelow tunnels, and the Simply Ghost Nights team thanked all our brave ghost hunters who joined us and the spirits for their efforts in communicating with us