Ghost Hunting At Drakelow Tunnels, Wolverhampton, With Simply Ghost Nights, 20th October 2012.

This was Simply Ghost Nights third visit to this mysterious venue located 160ft underground, the tunnels were excavated for use to build equipment and armaments during the WW2; with the advent of the Cold War the tunnels were equipped for a nuclear war. The tunnels offer no natural light so they are literally pitch black, the perfect location for a paranormal investigation. We began the night with a group vigil in what we could only describe as a tunnel near the hub, due to the nature of the tunnels being just that tunnels, with a mixture of offices, a kitchen, and a broadcasting facility all within the said tunnels which enveloped into the darkness of approximately four miles or so. In the group vigil which was one of the most active we had encountered for sometime, one particular exciting episode was when the group were calling out for something exciting to happen the whole group heard the distinct sound of metal on metal in a close proximity, this happened repeatedly on request and as we reasoned for the origins of the noise, it was quite clear that the noise was from an empty adjoining room on request. As well as when we whistled the whistle would come back very faintly from numerous directions to the groups absolute shock, as the energies escalated and the spirits of Drakelow interacted more and more, a Simply Ghost Nights regular Denise, Denise comes with Simply Ghost Nights around every two months or so and is a seasoned ghost hunter, suddenly and inexplicably fell to the floor for no apparent reason, Denise exclaimed that she had felt the back of her legs get pushed from behind and that was the reason for her fall. As we were all holding hands there was no rational explanation for Denise to fall to the ground and at the same Andy and Rachel both of them ghost hunters as well claimed to have seen a dark shadow rise from the ground in the vicinity of Denise before she tumbled, was this a spirit having a playful time at Denise's expense. We also placed a torch in the middle of the circle we had formed and Vicky, Tracey, Laurie and numerous ghost hunters all claimed to see the torch rock to and fro on the hardened floor of the tunnels. With this all in mind we decided it was time to go into our smaller groups and thoroughly investigate these magical tunnels to our best ability in the time we had due to the vastness of the tunnels themselves. In a vigil near the gents toilet with Rosey, Jez and Jo the group were conducting a Victorian séance when they heard feint tapping on the table and the table begin to tip to the excitement of the group, Rosey also mentioned that the group witnessed a bizarre light phenomena, in the darkness of the tunnels they witnessed some strange twinkling lights that appeared and vanished before their eyes, could this have been the manifestation of a past worker of the tunnels making their presence known to the group. Stuart spoke of a vigil in the hub area with him and Treena where the group made spirit contact with a gentleman spirit by the name of George on the ouija board using the planchette. George informed the group that he had indeed worked in the tunnels during WW2 and that he had also being married, the group asked a myriad of questions which George duly obliged in answering through the planchette. In a vigil in the bowels of the tunnels with Mark and Phil a group of ghost hunters experienced some amazing table tipping, both Mark and Phil commented on how the table tipped in all directions to the delight of the ghost hunters who witnessed it. With most vigils experiencing incarnate voices through the sound enhances, one example was when Elizabeth and Carol both claimed to have heard the words uttered "get out," in one of the little offices in the tunnels. Besides this example there was the time Sue spoke of how she could hear a conversation between two men close to her in a little room when doing a lone vigil, to her absolute terror. Yet again we were beaten by the clock and it was time to wrap up the night, we thanked our ghost hunters for joining us and the spirits that still visit Drakelow for their interaction with us, with a list of glass divination, table tipping, tapping on request, incarnate voices it was definitely an over whelming success of paranormal activity and we look forward to visiting the tunnels' yet again in 2013.