Ghost Hunting At Fulford Manor, Exeter, Devon, With Simply Ghost Nights & Chris Conway

Once again we were joined by our good friend Most Haunted's Chris Conway at Fulford Manor for our paranormal investigation. As we drove up the long and winding drive upto Fulford Manor, we came to a clearing as the vast estate rolled out in front of the team travelling in the car to the event, as the lake came into view and then the imposing white washed Fulford Manor took our breath away as it devoured the Devon landscape in front of our eyes. After the initial walk around, everyone was in the kitchen sampling the buffet and drinks when we all  heard a really loud bang as if a door had being slammed violently from another part of the now empty building but for ourselves. We investigated as to ascertain which door could have been slammed, but we found no door shut in the area of our investigation. We were greeted by Lord & Lady Fulford who made us all very welcome at their splendid home, the grand Fulford Manor. As we toured the multitude of rooms that we were to use during the course of the event, it felt as though you were walking through the history of time, with majestic panelled rooms, regal staircases and the myriad of beautiful rooms that made up our vigil areas for the night. The night started with a psychic tour with Chris Conway. On the tour Chris picked up a character by the name of Baldwin, on further research later we uncovered that indeed there had been a Baldwin who had lived at Fulford Manor in the seventennth century. Chris sensed a child in the red room that was watching, Chris stated that she would have being educated in the red room where she would also have played. We begun our paranormal investigation of Fulford Manor in the room where the large staircase was, it was in this vigil that we attempted  a human pendulum and in the process of finding a human pendulum it was Maria who began to sway backwards and forwards in response to yes and no. The spirits of Fulford Manor had chosen Maria to be their instrument of communication, the spirit who came through in the human pendulum was a female called Louisa. Louisa claimed via Maria to be watching the group from the top of the stairs and that she had lived in the house many years ago, Louisa informed the group of her age and how many children she had. The group loved this demonstration of spirit communication, what else awaited our intrepid ghost hunters at Fulford Manor. In the red room the group experienced the most amazing tapping on request on an antique chest, Chris sensed the spirit of a child in the room, Chris considered the child to be about 6-7 years of age, and was dressed in Victorian clothes. When the group asked for the child to tap on an item in the room, the most amazing tapping was to be heard from the antique box, so much so Peter had to look inside the box to see if some one was indeed in the box hiding in there. After a break for refreshments we moved into the panelled room, where we conducted a ouija board experiment and made ghostly contact with the spirit of a woman called Annie. Although Annie confirmed through yes and no that she could not read or write, she was more than happy to communicate via yes and no. The group gleamed that Annie used to work in the house, unfortunately Annie could not give us a date of the period she lived on our earthly plane, but the group felt compassioned and love for her as this episode touched Julie, Isobel, and Debra. In a vigil in what we called the dance area the group communicated with a French nanny by the name of Sabine, Sabine again enthralled the group via questions and her responses were yes and no. Sabine answered no to if she had  any children of her own, she did however have a lover who lived in the house when she lived there too. This intrigued our brave ghost hunters who carried on asking a host of inquisitive questions to which Annie duly obliged the answers. As we were beaten by the clock it had been an epic night of ghostly activity, from table tipping, incarnate voices through the sound enhancers and the communication on the ouija board, the Simply Ghost Nights team our visit to Fulford manor had definitely being worth the long drive to this charming building and it was a pleasure to meet our hosts Lord and Lady Fulford.